By Patty Wilber

I see my friend Patty S. for fun things, for Back Country Horsemen, and this year for New Mexico Buckskin Horse Association shows as well. Patty spells her first name just like I do (Patty) which is obvious when written and would be a more captivating “story” if it were an oral telling… but nevertheless, according to Patty S., this Patty-Patty thing = P-squared!

Zima and Patty S., left. Me and Gette, right. Photo by Bill S.

This past Saturday we both were in the Manzanos with our horses Zima (Patty S.) and Gette (me). Our Back Country Horseman, Pecos Chapter, had special permission to access the Red Canyon Trail Head (which is closed due to a large number of dead and down trees in the horse campground).

Red Canyon and Spruce Trails themselves are open (not fully clear, but not closed) for use and can be accessed by hikers camping in the lower campground or via Box Trail Head where there is good trailer parking.

Patty S.’s group worked Red Canyon.  They cleared 15 big trees and got about a mile from the top.  My group worked Spruce and we cleared 81 trees on about 2.5 miles of trail (none required a two-man saw).  We understand (from some hikers) that the Crest Trail connection between the two trails is so covered with deadfall that the hikers were unable to even see the path.

These ponies were just as good in the arena as they were on the trail! Calm, cool, and collected–well except for Gette’s little YEEHAW bucking spree taking a cow down the fence. Photo on Patty S.’s phone.  I forget who snapped it!

We both worked the trails all day, and then because we may both be slightly nuts, we got up the next morning and drove to Bosque Farms with our trusty steeds to show the NMBHA Ranch Show, Part 1!

It was a really well-attended and fun show!  Patty and Zima did the Walk-Trot Open, and I did Green Horse with Gette.


Great job Monica, who was going to show in several categories, but cut down to just one so that her granddaughter could also show her horse. Hadleigh’s horse was feeling colicky.

Way to go Faith, whose horse was beside himself all week at Horse School, but went back to normal in time for this show!

Christy showed Deets and Gino and let me show Gino, too!  I am really excited to see Deets and Christy at Nationals.  And I adore Gino.

Gino in trail. He is so handsome!

Heidi got a ride with Monica to the show, and she brought Lucy and left LT at home.  Lucy and Heidi are looking good as they get ready for Appaloosa Youth World!

I got to show Colleen’s new horse, Stella. (Colleen was out of town.)  Stella is just learning…well, everything…but she is sensible and it was a great experience!

Stella in trail.  She completed every obstacle.  Amazing, especially since she had zero trail class skills just a few weeks ago!

Happy Wednesday night!

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