What kind of pants to ride in?

By Patty Wilber

I have ridden in MWZ Wrangler slim fit jeans for the last eon.  They are kind of old school (and not as cool retro as the return of bell bottoms) but they fit me well.  Also, they are under forty dollars a pair (if you look hard enough), and they last.  I bought one new pair last year because I needed bigger size after chemo.

This is not my backside! It is an ad!

I haven’t purchased any other new Wranglers though, because I returned to my normal size and decided I needed to use up all the old western pants I had hanging around! I have an ancient pair of Rockies and a slightly less ancient pair of Cruel Girls that, over the last year, have held up well, but are getting threadbare.  I also have a pair of PURPLE slim fits that are, because they are Wranglers (and because they are purple?) are really not wearing out yet. I did put a black pair of slim fits to rest.

Colleen is always wearing leggings, and I am going on a riding trip to Ireland in July with Jim and some friends. I want to pack light, so I thought maybe leggings would be a way to go.

I spent 14 bucks on a pair of Danskin yoga pants from Costco that Colleen recommended.  They are comfortable to ride in and have cool side pockets for my knife, lip balm and phone.  I may look a little lumpy in the hips but those side pockets are really great!

I also bought a pair of 30 dollar Willits riding pants that are longer than the Danskins, but do tend to get a little baggy if worn a couple days in a row.  They have the cool side pockets and belt loops and are comfortable. Neither is wearing out yet because I haven’t worn them enough.

Willits riding pants.

The big thing I dislike about the leggings is that they fit inside my boots so sand regularly falls in when I do ground work, and hay definitely falls in when I feed.  Also I kind of like the Western look of the Wranglers.  (Of course I always wear a helmet with a bucket hat underneath, so I guess looks is not that big a driver!)

I think I will take the leggings along with paddock boots and half chaps for the Ireland trip for ease of packing, and as soon as I wear out the ancient pants, I will spring for some new Wranglers for my home on the range look…or maybe I’ll wear my half chaps with the leggings until I wear them out, and then get the new Wranglers!

Hey, at least I have options!

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