Horses Drinking

By Patty Wilber

I was watching Lola and Trigger drink, and the both of them were sticking their faces so deep into the water that their nostrils were completely submerged.  Lola was in almost to her eyes!  I thought, “That would make a fun blog post!”

All week I tried to catch horses drinking, and I did get a few pictures, but I never again saw anyone submerge their faces like that, and I didn’t get struck by any new blog ideas, either.

Lola was not in this deep. Her eyes were still showing. This image is from the Internet.


After drinking! Kind of a cutie!

I am doing an AI project at school, so I figured I’d just get ChatGPT4 to make me a picture of a horse with its nose deep in water.  How hard could it be? Ha. Hard apparently. I never quite got what I wanted, but I did learn there is a new editing tool that could have helped me if I’d figured it out sooner.

The first horse is underwater, the second doesn’t have a body and the nostrils are showing, the third has the eyes submerged and the fourth has its front legs in the trough. Clearly, I need more practice! And I am not going to be putting any real artists out of business with MY AI art any time soon.

*All the above images were created by ChatGPT4 based on instructions (not fully followed, mind you) from me, Patty Wilber, 4.18.24.

Happy Friday!



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2 Responses to Horses Drinking

  1. Karen Denison says:

    I suppose as many horses and certainly mules/donkeys do, my mule practically purses her lips to suck up water from the trough or the most shallow puddle. No plunging her face in water, thank you! She then sticks out her tongue a little bit and swishes the water around in her mouth for up to a minute–you can see her muzzle pucker and bulge. If one isn’t paying attention during the interlude and tries to halter, offer food, etc., she will happily dribble a surprising amount of mouth-warm water all over you. What amusing creatures they are!

  2. BlogPatty says:

    That sounds pretty cute–especially if you avoid the dribble! Yes! They are endlessly entertaining!

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