Horse Nerd

By Patty Wilber

I have always had some nerdy tendencies, but this weekend really underlined the fact that, yes, I’m a horse nerd.

On Friday, Jim and I went riding at Oak Flats with Cometa, Penny and Gette.  Training horses is not enough.  I must also ride for fun. Nerd.

Gette’s tail is braided due to there being a horse show the next day. She is geared up with saddle bags and a saw because we are practicing for Back Country Horseman events coming up this season.

On Saturday, me, and Gino and Gette went to town to meet Gino’s owner, Christy, at the NM Quarter Horse show. Christy and I thought about blowing it off because the wind was howling and it was cold, but the classes were indoors, so we sucked it up.  We “warmed up” outdoors, in that the horses got worked and stopped being silly, but we didn’t actually get very warm.  I was planning to show in my chinks but the fringe was blowing around so badly I took them off to reduce possible horse meltdown. I wouldn’t call showing in bad weather all that nerdy.  It was more just ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get the youngsters some more experience. Deets, Christy’s older horse won Non-Pro All Breed trail with a stellar go.  Gino and Gette, after the “warm-up” period, handled the indoor arena and all the commotion, and were able to perform well.  I was especially pleased with their trail patterns.

On Sunday, Jim and I went to a Celtic Festival and here is when I really had to laugh at my horse-nerdy self.  At the festival, there were booths of crafts and food (pasty-like meat pies and lots of honey-based alcoholic drinks).  There were games like axe throwing.  You could try sword fighting or get your face painted.  There were performances like Scottish Highland Dancing, (and there’s even a Highland dance studio in Albuquerque).

Despite all those fun things that we saw and enjoyed, I got most excited about seeing horses.  I know!  There are horses at my house that I see every day. But I was still excited to see more horses! I took pictures of the rescue horses at the Maslena Rescue display, because hey! Horses! (I know those people probably thought I was some kind of city slicker!)

I took pictures of The Lady Luna all decked out in period costume riding around on her jousting horse!  She smiled tolerantly at me, probably thinking I was a horse person wanna-be.  Nope.  Just a horse nerd.

And guess what my favorite event of the day was! The jousting!  There were four horses and they demonstrated chopping the heads off lettuce, ring catching, and jousting, and there was a fun play/performance to further engage the audience.

Goodbye, lettuce head! I liked that horse. He was very handy for such a big guy!

Hi Ya! If you look closely you can see bits of the jousting sticks flying up in the air! They semi-shattered upon contact. The Lady Luna is riding toward us on her non-draft thoroughbred.  He was every bit as tall as the drafts!

The Festival was fun, especially because of the horses!

In my car in the Festival parking area we did a little Zoom meeting with Jim’s sisters, who had purchased breast cancer support bracelets that we all have been wearing for the last year and a half. We officially cut them off. It was a simple act, but I found it moving.  What a great support system I have around me.  This horse nerd is forever grateful! I hung mine and Jim’s on the rearview mirror of my car!

Happy Friday!

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