Selling Horses

By Patty Wilber

Selling horses is not one of the things I generally enjoy, but I have had fun the last few weeks helping Colleen market her horse.

Colleen has done all the hard work.  She made an amazing ad, and took all the initial calls. I only have talked to the truly serious ones, and the trickiest part has been asking my established clients to change lesson times so I can fit in the lookers. I have really enjoyed meeting new folks and showing them Luna.  Luna has done a great job for each person that has come, and she is currently under contract pending her pre-purchase exam, which we expect to go well.  That went faster and was way easier than I expected!

I have never had a pre-purchase exam done on any horse I have bought since I usually buy babies from breeders I know, but I always encourage buyers to get a pre-purchase because things have turned up in horses I was riding that I would never have expected.

One horse had a heart on the wrong side of his body and died six months later, probably due to an aneurysm related to that defect. He was only four!  It turns out it was a genetic issue and was known in that line of horses, but the horse rode perfectly fine the whole time I was working with him! One horse had a hock injury that occurred after I had stopped riding him, but it was only a month or two that I’d been done with him!  One had an old injury with a really ugly bone chip.  It turned out to be stabilized and not actually a problem, but it took a while to figure that out. I think the PPE is worth it for all parties.  The buyer can be confident the horse is serviceable for their purposes, and the owner doesn’t get any blowback because the buyer had the PPE info they wanted.

In other news, the days are getting longer and warmer!  The horses are liking it!

Gette and Gino soaking up the rays. They coordinated their napping positions so they matched, apparently!

They are both heading to a show on Saturday at the State Fair Grounds, where they won’t be showing in that many classes, but will get to see a new arena!  They also have one more April show and two Appaloosa shows at the start of May!

Happy Friday!




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2 Responses to Selling Horses

  1. Colleen says:

    I love it that you have another Colleen in your life. And she spellers her name correctly. I vicariously enjoy time on and with horses through her and you. Luff ya both.

  2. Patty says:

    Thank-you Colleen!!

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