Spring! 2024!

By Patty Wilber

Spring is a season I always like! Daylight Savings has begun in our fair state, and while there are always articles about how terrible setting the clocks forward and back is for everyone, I just cannot agree.  I don’t have trouble adjusting my internal clock to the switch, and I really like having the extra light in the evening, especially as we move out of the cold, short days of winter.  I can give lessons to kids after school or ride an extra horse!

In the summer, I am happy with light at 5:30 am and dark at 8:30 or 9 ish.  If we didn’t do daylight savings, it’d be light at 4:30 in the morning, and dark too early!

Spring weather always keeps me guessing. Last weekend included over 1.5 inches of precipitation, much of it in the form of snow. This quickly turned into a morass of mud in the horse pens, but the mountain was gloriously frosted.

Jim on Cometa on our back 30, with the Sandia Mountains gracing the view!

I had three horses in the back “pasture” aka mudhole, for all that moisture.  Trigger was here just for 10 days and he was hanging with Lola (here until June or so until she moves up north) and Gette. They are all dark bay and they were quite chummy.  There was no arguing over anything and they ate in a little knot.  Of course, when I went to take a photo, Trigger had to change the image by leaving the group and taking a pee!

“when ya gotta go, ya gotta go,” said Trigger. All that moisture filled up our water tanks. It is really satisfying to collect that water off the roof.

I did say the three are all dark bays, except Gette (nearest horse in the picture above) is really a varnish bay.  Her winter coat is dark, but as spring advances, and her summer coat is revealed, the light “varnish” and her spots start to shine through.

The varnish pattern is due to her LP gene, which causes progressive depigmentation.  By the time she is 10, she may be very white.  When she is fully shed out and in her summer coat glory, I will post her one-, two-, and three-year-old pictures to show the changes.

So, there was all that snow and wet last weekend, but it is spring, so the snow barely lasted a day and this week was in the 60’s.  The sand arena was still underwater Monday, but was just fine after that and such great riding weather!

This coming Sunday, the cold and snow, along with wind, are set to return for a one or two day engagement. Then back into the 60F range! The average last frost day was May 20th when we first moved to our place in 1997 (geez so last century–we are getting old!), I thought I read somewhere. I wasn’t able to verify that! The current last frost date, according to AI (Claude-Instant), is mid-April to mid-May, with April 27th predicted for this year (based on info from a nearby, but 1000 feet lower-in-altitude weather station, and according to ChatGPT4).

One of the biggest snows I remember was in April 2005. Nineteen inches! I am going to focus on the nice days in between the cold ones, and try not to get covered in shedded horse hair on a daily basis.

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Spring! 2024!

  1. Doranna Durgin says:

    I think the solution to the time thing is another time zone between mountain and pacific, so we can be on the scientifically healthier “normal” time but not have the light shifted so far into morning hours!

    (the snow was beautiful!)

  2. Patty says:

    Arizona, being farther west is fine without changing their time, but if we stayed on Daylight savings, in the winter it’d be dark in the mornings until 830 or 9. If we stay on Standard time, it’d be light at 430am in the summer, as I mentioned above. I guess we need a 1/2 step time zone!

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