NMBHA Training Show, part 2.

By Patty Wilber

Team Wilber had a really nice time at the New Mexico Buckskin Horse Association Training Show, Part 2!

I was really proud of our people and our horses! Here are some things that stood out to me.

During warm-up, Faith rode Romeo in the main arena in crowded conditions that she does not enjoy.  That was an accomplishment, but even better was the fact that her warm-up was effective! She convinced Romeo to stop breaking for the gate and to pay attention by being persistent and firm. In her classes, Faith hit every lead, perfectly, and Romeo went right where she told him and at the speed she requested!

Faith and Romeo. Yes to loping! Yes to the correct lead! Photo by Mandi.

Heidi used both LT and Lucy in boxing and she rode so intelligently on both horses.  She has gained a ton of cow savvy over the last year.  She read her cows very well, read her angles really well, and rode each horse to its strengths.  Given that the two horses are practically polar opposites in personality, it was really fun to watch her adjust to each.

Lucy and Heidi in cutting. Photo by Nichole Tucker.

Monica and Chexy had a reining pattern with circles that were so smooth and round and balanced!  It was really pretty to see, and also cool because we worked on that since the last show and the improvement was huge!  In trail, her horse loped the poles perfectly!

Monica and Chexy in showmanship. Photo by Nichole.

Patty S. entered many more classes than last show and despite not really loving the idea, she moved out of just walk-trot and entered walk-trot-lope classes.  This week in training, her loping moved forward even more!

Patty S. and Zima in the warm-up arena. Photo by Nichole.

Colleen took over riding Luna in all her classes (I rode her some last show), entered about twice as many classes as previously, nailed all her leads, and she stayed calm and was a brave leader for Luna when Luna got a little flustered. She even got a blue ribbon!

Colleen and Luna in halter! Photo by Nichole.

Christy was felled by the flu earlier in the week, so Gino came to the show but I did not show him.  Nichole T. lunged and ponied him, Heidi lunged him and I rode him over the trail obstacles and around the horses being shown.  He was not as happy as he was last show.  Maybe he missed his buddy Deets! But he has been riding great at home and that boy is a natural flying lead changer, which is a ton of fun to ride.

Gette was much more comfortable with the whole setup this show.  She did not lope sideways while spooking at spectators and did not object to the signs in the stock horse class.  She nailed her walk-trot ranch trail class but choked on her lope-over logs for the open.  She was really solid in all her other classes except boxing.  Her cow was just fine, but we just need more time on cattle!  I was super happy with her!  She is getting decent with her flying lead changes but needs more preparation before asking than Gino.

Gette stood nicely in her halter class! We have been practicing squaring up every day when we unsaddle. Luna standing nice and square in the background! Photo by Nichole.

The team also brought home some hardware as a reward for their hard work!

Faith won highpoint walk-trot-lope youth and Monica won novice horse! NMBHA president, Johanna Dralle presented the awards. Stella Cahal found the lovely buckles and got them ordered for the club! Photo by…I don’t know who! Mandi I think.

Heidi’s buckle! Ranch horse youth. Photo by Heidi I think.

And Faith’s niece is just too cute to leave out.

Charming Nichole. Photo by Mandi.

Next week I am going jeeping in Arizona and coming home just in time for the Paint Horse training show!

Cancer update. I had my second to last Phesgo immunotherapy shot this past Thursday.  They do not cause any side effects that I notice.  I feel great. The end of this month is packed with an echocardiogram in two weeks (to make sure the Phesgo is not damaging my heart…these drugs are so much fun–not–). In three weeks, I have a mammogram, an oncologist appointment, the last shot, and I meet with the surgeon to go over the mammo and the recent MRI.  All this takes up time but I am sure grateful for modern medicine and I LOVE the NM Cancer Center.  The people are great and the service is outstanding.  If I call for anything, they answer and stuff gets taken care of in real time not 400 weeks from now.  It is amazing. I wish all healthcare facilities were like that!

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  1. Monica Allen says:

    Fun post! Ben’s first wife (unfortunately succumbed to her melonoma) loved the NM Cancer Center also. I am so grateful for your continued good health!!! You are a blessing to me!!!

  2. BlogPatty says:

    Thank-you! Fine job and the show!! I had so much fun with everyone.

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