We got a new dog!

By Patty Wilber

Our two dogs are 10 (Coulson) and 11 (Lani), and Jim retired 2/29, so we thought, what the heck, let’s get a new dog…

Jim is partial to German Shepherds, and last week I found a likely candidate at the Valencia County Animal Shelter. That dog was listed as a young female purebred German Shepherd, so we packed up our doggie crew and headed down there for a meet and greet.

I cannot say I loved going to the pound!  All those lovely older dogs begging us to pick them.  It kind of broke my heart.

We finally located the one we came to see.  We were able to bring her outside and she was beautiful.  We thought she looked more Malinois than German Shepherd.  Unfortunately, when we introduced her to our dogs, she was very aggressive, and when anyone walked by, she barked with intensity.  She was really responsive to Jim, but all I could picture was two dead cats, two maimed old dogs and some bitten horses, followed by clients hiding in their cars instead being able to do their riding lessons.

We agreed that she was going to require too much management to be a safe dog at our place. But, there were two sets of puppies that were Shepherdy in appearance.  I brought out one but he did not strike Jim.  Then I looked at the other set.  The first one seemed very shy, which I knew we wanted to avoid.  The second one was unsure but seemed curious, so I brought her out.

She was 11 weeks old and had been surrendered just the day before. Thank goodness she was a surrender because those can be adopted immediately whereas strays have to stay in for three days in case their owners appear.

She was a solid little chunk (almost 16 pounds we found out later when we weighed her) and she was interested, calm, and while not exuberant, not shy, either. Jim really liked her appearance and demeanor, so, what the heck!  We picked her!

Jim and Zuri (she didn’t get her name until later in the day) at the pound. Jim looks pretty thrilled! Zuri looks a little unsure!

We got some hamburgers at Blakes and went to a nearby dog park to eat.  Zuri started coming out of her shell.  Neither Lani nor Coulson were exceptionally thrilled by all her puppy energy.

Lani tries really hard to ignore her. Zuri thinks Lani is great.

Coulson is not showing it here, but he is sooo jealous and wishes we had never found her. Zuri LOVES Coulson and wants to be with him as much as possible.

Zuri, Thursday.  We have had her for six days. She has changed already! One of her ears is standing up!  She is happy, outgoing, inquisitive, and confident.

She has seen the horses, but only from behind a fence. She watched two lessons on Thursday from inside the cab of the truck.

She seems like a good fit!

(The name Zuri comes from a character in a series by Joe Abercrombie, which Jim has read.)

Cancer Update:  My recent MRI was clean!

Happy Friday!


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