New Mexico Buckskin Horse Association Training Show Part I

By Patty Wilber

Last year I made it through the first NMBHA training show, but I was exhausted and took two or three days to recover!  This year, though I am still getting immunotherapy shots every three weeks, I showed three horses in multiple classes, helped six riders in multiple classes and went home invigorated instead of on the verge of collapse!  I am so thankful to have my energy back!

Next, I want to thank Colleen Varan. How lucky are we that Team Wilber has our own photographer!?  She says she was sorry she didn’t get as many pics of everyone in the crew as she wanted in her 500 images.  I mean, she did have to show her own horse a little.

Luna. I showed Luna in ranch riding, and stock horse, to help her get over her fear of going into the big arena all by herself.  We had some challenges, but she is braver than last year! Colleen showed her in walk/trot trail and pulled a second place in a large class!

Colleen and Luna, finishing their trail pattern. Photo by Andrew Varan.

Me and Luna in the scary big arena!

Patty S. and Zima. We went to Arizona the other week with our ponies, and now we have sucked her into having a go in the show pen! It was Zima’s first show ever and she handled the commotion without a single problem! Patty learned a few new techniques for trail this week and was able to implement them really well! And she is coming back for the March show!

Patty and Zima! Photo by Colleen.

Monica and Chicadee Chex.  Monica showed in the ranch classes, then stuck it out to the bitter (sweet, she said) end to be in the  “regular” Western classes, too!  Way to go! I am excited for this show season with them!

Monica, #155; me on Gette, Gino standing next to Christy, Luna and Colleen.

Gino. Gino, Gette’s half-brother, is at my house for training.  He was a bit hard to get to focus when he first arrived and has not been a fan of standing still at the trailer, but he is really coming into himself and he is sooo attractive!  He handled the show beautifully and by the end was happily munching hay all by himself at the trailer.  Christy had two strong walk/trot trail patterns on him and placed, pending review.  He was brave in the arena by himself for ranch riding and the stock horse pattern for me, but he felt that perhaps he was overworked.  When I reversed for the last leg of stock horse, which took him away from the gate, he gave a whiney whinny and threw a teeny buck. “i’m sooo tired! i thought we were done!”

Me and Gino. Cool image by Colleen!

Christy and Deets. In addition to showing Gino in trail, Christy also showed Deets in all the ranch classes.  Colleen got this shot!

Gette. Gette had a bang-up day in trail, winning walk trot ranch and open trail, pending review.  In boxing, she stayed focused and quiet on her re-do cow, after nearly being bowled over by two cows boiling out of the gate to start with.  She did not do anything spectacular, but stayed pretty level, got a decent turn or two and didn’t lose her cow, earning her a 4th in a big class. She didn’t like the hay I brought her and dented my pretty hubcaps by pawing between classes at the trailer, and then in the stock horse class with the signs you follow, she did not think those signs belonged, AT ALL, so we had a little spooking going on.  In looking at some photos of her, I was super pleased at her length of stride a the trot, but a little more collection will improve her overall appearance.   A super day for her first show!

Faith and Heidi.

I just love this picture of Faith (near) and Heidi (far), with the two horses totally in step and the two girls talking to each other.

Faith had taken some time off, then came for a lesson on Saturday in the howling wind and ended up being a bit sore on Sunday.  That did not deter her!  She did an especially good job helping Romeo work the gate in trail even though he did not want to.  She was calm but persistent and eventually got that gate done.  She also showed some ranch classes then stayed for those western classes at the very end of the day!

Faith and Romeo working the L. Photo by Mandi.

Heidi brought both LT and Lucy. Lucy was so solid and showed in all the ranch classes. Her boxing run was a thing of beauty! LT only showed in boxing and reining.  She had a really tough cow, but came back to edge Lucy out in reining.  The two horses are practically opposite personalities, so it is fun to watch how well Heidi adapts to each.

LT in reining. Photo by Lauren Aston in case you miss the watermark!

Lucy in her boxing run. I just love her look of concentration, Heidi’s light hand, and how Heidi is right in the middle of the saddle. Photo by Colleen.

I am really enjoying the Buckskin shows.  The prices are great.  The atmosphere is very positive with tough horses performing well. The people are congenial, kind and helpful.

I was super proud of my crew! I am looking forward to the NMBHA Get Ready Get Set Training Series, Part II, Mar. 3, Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena.  The class list is the same as the Feb. show and is posted on the NMBHA Facebook page!

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  1. Doranna Durgin says:

    That’s a fantastic round up of results! Pretty horses, lovely riding. I am a bit smitten with Luna.

  2. Patty says:

    Luna is a looker and great mover!

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