2023 in Review!

By Patty Wilber

I started a blog on my own in 2010, but was frustrated that I didn’t seem to be gaining many readers, and that is when Doranna offered me a spot on her site. She said I would need to commit and post regularly.  So I picked Fridays.  Seven hundred and six (706) posts later (well I guess this is 707), I barely missed a week! I have been on a break since the end of October 2023, as I ran out of mental energy and sort of out of ideas.

But I sure enjoyed reviewing this year’s posts!

Here it is! 2023 in review!

January 2023

Chemo let up, so I took horses in.
It was fine way for ’23 to begin.
I had Christie’s Deets, a horse I enjoy,
And got Rip, a cool three-year-old boy.

Rip, front, with Gette. “what? we’re not doing anything.”

I could ride but not hike so Penny hauled me
As high in the Chirucahuas as we could be.
Saw coati and Coos deer and hung with our friends,
And came home a day early cuz the rain would not end.

February 2023

I got a clear MRI which was a little misleading.
Surgery later revealed cancer not gone, just receding.
Rip went to a show and it was an experience.
Deets got a booboo, again; he’s notorious.
Lucy went to Heidi’s and performed airs above ground.
Faith showed Romeo and looked good all around.

March 2023

I kept wrapping Deets’ leg to help with the swelling.
Heidi and Faith, in the shows, were truly top-dwelling.
Rip won a trail class; a real accomplishment.
Went mud jeeping with Amber; so glad she is competent!
I had my lumpectomy which showed some live cells  :(,
but my lymph nodes were clear which made me feel swell.

And Luna moved in, which rhymes with nothing. 🙂

April 2023

I had a few weeks off following surgery,
Glad to ride again” was not any perjury!
Appys ran a ranch clinic and it was a delight! (2024: Feb 17, Mar 23!
Violet Mae was the month’s biggest highlight.

May 2023

Radiation started in May and I didn’t want to regress.
Special returned because she was tending to stress,
Five also came to learn to quiesce.
Rip beat some good horses as he showed some finesse.
We hauled water for trail workers up near South Peak,
And mud roads at Ball Ranch made me squeak “Eeek!”
Panchuela for Memorial Day is a fine BCH trip,
and Luna learned to be ponied (at home), and she wasn’t a dip!

June 2023

I finished up the radiation and started the last chemo.
So far so good, but this whole thing is extremo.
Beauty calmed down and won two classes while showing!
Five’s progress: slow and steady, but confidence: growing.
Rip started cow-work and took it in stride.
Colleen went to her first show; she and Luna survived!
Heidi and Lucy showed that under pressure they thrive
We rafted the Taos Box; fun, not scary; I was surprised!

July 2023

The Appaloosa Youth World Show was a treat!
Heidi and Lucy excelled in the Oklahoma heat!
My second chemo treatment was not fun,
My outer thighs went numb; to that drug I was done.
My sister, brother, dad and mom flew in for a week.
Dino tracks and rosebud agate we did seek.
Beauty, displaying what she had learned,
was sold and national Appy points were earned!
Some wires got crossed and I did not do a pack-in,
But Rip found a new owner; he was in like Flynn.

August 2023

Gino and Teeter got started, Faith got bold,
Daytona came, and strangles took hold.
Gette worked a cow, and then went out on the high trails
Penny celebrated 14 years in the hills and the dales.
Heidi took Lucy to the 4H County Fair,
She rode English and did showmanship and fared well there.


September 2023

Teeter finally returned after her bout of strangles,
Then Gino fell on me and put my leg in some tangles.
That slowed down the month from a training perspective.
I had to stop riding for two weeks to be self-protective!
I switched cancer drugs and now get injections.
And to that I have NO objections!
We did get to Sweden before all of that.
We were there and back in the flip of a hat.
We stayed in old Stockholm for two fabulous nights
Then spent three days with cousins and saw fabulous sights!
Back in NM, I learned how to jet ski! SO fun!
Colleen showed again and by golly she won!
Faith gave me goosebumps with a trail pattern so magical,
And Heidi showed skills with the LT, the “theatrical”.

October 2023

I posted only one blog and it was on my hunt.
The weather was great–there was no polar front!
Penny got internal strangles and felt kinda crappy.
I got my elk at last light, six twenty.

November/December 2023

There were no blogs but we had some cool news!
We had Thanksgiving in Calif with almost the whole crew.
Mark and Erika stayed home, turned out to be smart.
because Juniper Brynn, came early, the tart!

Happy New Year to all!



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  1. Julie Wilson says:

    And we enjoyed hearing from you… hoping it helped you through hard times to know we care.

  2. BlogPatty says:

    Thank-you! And yes it does and did!!

  3. Kathy Davies says:

    What a year! I love reading your blog and am so glad to be your sister! You are amazing!

  4. Patty says:

    Happy New Year! You are the best sister ever!

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