Luna and Beauty go to town

By Patty Wilber

Last weekend was the first show for Colleen and Luna, and for Beauty.  Beauty and Luna both prefer a predictable routine, so we knew going to the show would not be a simple day for them.

They both get show-legal calming supplements at home, so we boosted them up a tad for the Big Event.  We also brought Rip, the level-headed, to help with cows during cutting and to provide a stable presence at the trailer.

Luna and Beauty were still pretty goofy at the rig. At home, when Beauty first came, Luna claimed to hate her, but they get along better now.  They travelled together to the show and trailering usually creates a bond…however, in their case, not an especially strong one.

“i hate you, sort of,” one would say, and then one second later, “but don’t leave me alone!” They would nicker for each other when separated then be mad if the other got too close at the trailer.  Goof balls.

Rip, on the other hand, tied to the trailer, alone, or at the tree when it was too hot at the trailer, or at the other trailer, and he was a happy camper.  He was even happier if he had a bag of hay to munch on.  He also was able to go right out and help quietly with the cutting with very little warm up.

Well, there was the one incident where a calf came bolting back to herd and the contestant came, too, right at Rip who said, “omg!  they are going to mow us down! we must flee!” and he gave a nice jump to get out of danger. I did not disagree with his assessment, so he did not get in trouble, and after the excitement, he settled right down! He is a gem, that one.

Me and Rip, settling the herd. He is so cute! Photo by Colleen Varan.

Luna and Beauty initially were afraid of the crow’s nest and could not travel in a straight line going by it.  They both got braver and braver as the day went on. Colleen got practice sitting tight on a worried horse and helping her through. This was Colleen’s first show, as well, so great experience for them both.  They showed in the Stock Horse Class and Ranch Rail, and ended up 4th in one of their classes.

Luna is a beautiful mover, and with some more polish is going to be a contender in the buckskin ranch horse classes!

Colleen and Luna! This horse has a fantastic trot! Photo by Andrew Varan.

Beauty’s first few forays into the arena involved a lot of looking around and reluctance to go places…but as the day progressed, she gained confidence and ended up winning Green Ranch Rail and Green Ranch Riding with pretty solid goes! I loved that she wanted to move out, too! I was not sure about her for the ranch horse events, but I think my mind was changed! Unfortunately, (for me) she, like Rip, is also for sale (look for a video, soon), so this might be our only show!

Beauty. It is always fun to show a pretty horse, and even more fun when they get comfortable in the arena so they can show their stuff!

Lucy and Heidi also came and won reserve Youth Ranch Horse, and then Tuesday we headed to the Appaloosa Youth World show in baking hot Oklahoma City, so next week I will write about that! Spoiler alert: as of Wednesday, we have a trophy from youth boxing!

Cancer Treatment Update.  The effects of the radiation do not start to diminish for about five days after the final treatment.  Since last Wednesday, I have watched my skin get redder and redder.  I have one spot with a second degree burn due to a sticker they put on me, so that is oozy and wants to glue itself to my clothes (ew–band aids prevent that).

Other than that, my energy is improving quite a bit, so I will be able to nip that progress in the bud next week on the 6th when I have my second of the 13 or 14 session chemo.

Not really.  The chemo will only cause a one or two day lull. And the sessions are only every three weeks. A bunch of family is coming in the 7th, too, so I can make them take care of me while we go dinosaur track and rock hunting, foreshadowing the blog for two weeks from now!

Happy Friday!

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