The LP Gene in Gette, 2023

By Patty Wilber

Springtime with shedding Gette (Sufragette CD) is always fun because we get the Sneak Preview of her summer coat.  She is not fully shed, yet, but we can still see how roany her hip is!

She has one copy of the LP gene that she got from her dad.  Her mom is a bay quarter horse and does not carry that gene. The LP gene is causing the varnish roan coat pattern in her, and thus she gets lighter every year. (Lucy has two copies of the LP gene, so she got lighter faster.)

Gette, two yrs old, 4.26.23, with her eyes closed! Luna photobombing in the back ground!

Gette’s dad! Total Blam Blam. That is a silk scarf. Gette is on the slow training program, but hopefully by the time she is five we can get a photo of her on a cow that looks like this!

Gette, June, 2022. She was more shed out then, so now I will need a picture from this June!

Nov. 2021. If you look closely your can see spots, but the LP roaning had not started. Photo by Heather McLevin.

Gette will be getting her first set of shoes tomorrow!  I wanted to wait longer, but I have got her riding out a little, and her feet have chipped up. She is a little spunkier than Rip, but still very level headed.

We got home from Hawaii Wednesday around noon after flying all night.  I am glad to be home, but I hated leaving. The  grand girls were grand and we will hopefully be seeing them again in September!

On our last day, we snorkeled at Lanikai Beach and we hung out with a whitetip reef shark!  It was four or five feet long and I thought it was a little intimidating when it swam by.  Jim saw it later, and it was just hanging out on the bottom. It was a nice end to our visit.

On Thursday, I rode FOUR horses and I am not exhausted.  It is a recent record.  I am not in very great shape, but being off the breast cancer chemo has allowed my energy to return. Fortunately/unfortunately, my next set of chemo drugs has been approved by insurance, so I will starting up again, probably in a few weeks.  I will know more next Thursday.

 Happy Friday!

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