Cows, Fish, Elk, and Grand Daughters!

By Patty Wilber

It has been an exciting week! 

We went walleye fishing with our friends the Kingsbury’s at Conchas Lake. I reeled in a carp that was caught on Richard’s pole.  We were eating lunch and our poles were hanging out.  His pole and my pole are black, so I thought it was mine… That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Richard and Amber each caught walleye (using bottom bouncers with a spinner with a worm–hope I got that termin0logy right.) We had a fish fry the next night!

Me and and the carp, which we did release..

I have been reading the NM Game and Fish fishing reports.  For our next excursion, it looks like we might need some Kastmaster spinners and some crawfish patterned crankbait.  Haha!  A whole new language!

The next day, I splurged on a cow horse clinic at Darren Miller’s.  I have not been down there since September due to lack of energy and schedule conflicts. I took Rip, owned by Whispering Spirit Ranch, and I was not sure how it would go since he is so green and had only seen cows twice before, at Heidi’s (and that one is pretty sour).

He did so well! His innate cowiness and general chill attitude made it a great day.  Plus, he is a cute mover, puts his butt in the dirt when stopping on a cow (even at a trot) and stays focused without drama! He is going to make someone an outstanding do anything horse.  He is for sale! He is an Appaloosa (no spots) and can be double registered with the buckskin association since he is a grulla!

Thanks Jessica S. for getting photos of us!

Then we flew to Hawaii! Because we needed to visit the newest granddaughter. It being Hawaii is a just a perk. Thank goodness they don’t live in the far north where it is still winter.  Eighty degrees in the day and 60’s at night is really quite nice! Not to mention the ocean.

Maegan, Violet and Rick!

Me and baby Violet at the beach!

Amara (3) on the palm frond while Leilani looks on!

Leilani (5) ready for school!

Then on Thursday, I found out I drew an elk permit!  That is the first time I have been successful!  Jim drew something like five out of six years and I got squat. I skipped a few years to show at Appaloosa World and I did get to hunt twice on ranch permits, but I finally actually drew myself.  I have antlerless, muzzleloader, early October in Unit 52!

Cancer Treatment Update:

I am still on a chemo break!  I feel great.  I meet with the radiation doc on May 4th.  The next chemo drug has not yet been approved by insurance, so I will NOT start the last round of chemo April 27th, as I had originally thought.  Probably sometime in May.  I want to get it going and done, but on the other hand, I like feeling more like my normal self, and my hair is growing back, so I am not looking forward to going backwards.

In the meantime, we have five more days in Hawaii and I am heading to the water park right now!


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