Drips off the roof are SOOOO fascinating!

By Patty Wilber

We had sun melting some snow off the roof of the barn, and Gette, being Gette, noticed.

Water dripping off the roof and splashing into small puddles. Fascinating. Who knew?

Gette says: “Jesus Murphy, buddy! Water from the eavestrough in January, eh?” (I got Gette’s breeder, Heather McLevin, to provide accurate Canadian horse slang!)

Gette’s interest caught the attention of Rip (Montana Street Smart).  He is a three-year-old solid grulla Appaloosa, owned by Whispering Spirit Ranch, but he was a June baby, so in actual age, he is only six months older than Gette.  They are becoming good friends. He is SO relaxed and easy to work with.  He is going to make someone an amazing cow horse/ ranch horse/ trail, mountain, or working horse.  Also he is for sale. He is on the Whispering Spirit web page. I am guessing he will mature to 14.2-14.3 hands. He is 14.1 right now and hip is getting higher over this last month.

Rip says; “what are you doing!?” Gette is too engrossed to answer.

Of course, being youngsters, as soon as he got there, they starting messing with each other.

Then HE noticed the dripping!  And that just made me laugh. Having two young horses around and watching them interact with each other and the older horses is so entertaining.  I love having the horses here at the house so I get to know them in ways besides just as trainees!

Rips says: “whoa, Gette, that is like totally awesome…wait that is LT’s name…sorry LT. those drips are sooo cool!”

He looked for a bit and then they started messing with each other again.

almost gotcha!

Then they took a nap.  I mean that was a mentally and physically taxing couple of minutes there.


Happy Friday!


Breast Cancer Treatment update.  I was more tired than usual all last week, but other than that, all side effects (probably chemo induced cystitis–still nailing that down: lots of supplements via Uquora and prescription grade AZO, drink a lot of water and cranberry juice; dry skin: lots of lotion; neuropathy: copper gloves, acupuncture, massage, exercises, some supplements) are getting to be pretty much under control.

Here is one that has taken me by surprise that I have not written about.  Giant boogers and bloody noses. My nose tends to run, but the mucus membranes are more fragile than normal. So, here I am trying to breathe through my nose.  The snot dries in my nose and is uncomfortable.  (Stop reading if you don’t want to be grossed out.) If I pick it out, the giant booger (like 1/2 an inch to an inch long) peels off the weak mucous membrane and I get a bloody nose.  Solution: lotion up my nose a couple times a day and gently blow them out when nose is running or in the shower.

Doc is excited that the tumor may be 100% resolved before surgery.  After surgery I thought radiation would be about a week long.  But no. I may have up to three months of radiation…or maybe only five to seven weeks. It depends on the surgery results.  The fact that my tumor had metastasized (to the skin not the lymph nodes) really upped the ante on treatment intensity and length.

Four more chemo treatments in this round.

Overall, pretty manageable!


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  1. Kathy Davies says:

    These blogs about the funny things the horses do are my favorite! I can just picture the two them discovering little things all over the ranch like toddlers. So fun!

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