Merry Christmas (hats) 2022

By Patty Wilber

The only big, creative Christmas Hat break through I managed was to cut slits in one of my Santa hats so the horse’s ears could poke out.

I had planned to at least cut all four hats and get a candid of the four horses that are here out in the paddock.  But no.

So, here we are!

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays! I hope everyone, no matter what you all may celebrate this time of year, has a wonderful season!

Cometa, 25 years young! Yes, he is a little dirty because these photos were supposed to be the practice shots! But at least we can see his pretty blue eye! “feliz navidad!” (He is a Spanish Barb, after all.)

Penny was napping when I came out to take some shots. She got up on her own, but never really woke up! But at least she did not try to toss the hat like she has done in the past! “merry…” snore…

At first Lucy thought the hat was poisoned and ran away. It took a bit to convince her it was fine! Then, of course she put up her ears and posed! Happy Holidays!

It was hard to keep Gette far enough away to even get a picture! This filly makes me laugh every day! “what are we doing here?  can i get closer? i look so good in this hat! merry christmas!”

I went to work cows with Heidi last weekend for the first time since September! She rode Lucy and I rode LT. LT was not sure about the ears in the hat, but once I got it on, she was good with it! “yuletide greetings! heidi told me to say that.  what is a yule anyway?”


Lani really thought the head band was a punishment of some kind, so she was a bit worried! I gave them treats afterward so it ended up not being too bad! “we woof you a merry christmas!”

The cats allowed me to pose them more than any of the other pets! Go figure. Both of them came from the Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena. Lupo is the gray and Rena (Short for Arena-wonder where she got that name?) is the black and white. “meowy christmas!”

Wednesday, Lucy went over to Heidi’s to get ready for the 2023 show season and LT came home.  It is nice to have LT back and now we will miss Lucy! Of course, I will see her lots as Heidi and I work on getting in show shape! And she may come home after Appaloosa Youth World if LT looks like the better high school rodeo cow horse prospect! Lots of fun for me!

No infusions this week!  Feeling quite good! I am taking a break for Christmas and going to  spend the holiday with our son and daughter-in-law! What will I do next year when my horse/house/dog sitter starts vet school!!

Merry Christmas again!


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Here's the skinny: I have a thing for horses. They make sense to me. I have a small horse training business (it's a "boutique" training business, not because it's super fancy, but because the horses get a lot of personal attention). I also go by Dr. Wilber, and teach biology full-time at a Central New Mexico Community college.
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4 Responses to Merry Christmas (hats) 2022

  1. Merry Christmas and the rest of the season to you! I keep meaning to get a Santa hat or reindeer antlers for my two, but….stuff always happens and I forget until too late.

    We are having the Arctic Vortex (I typoed “vortext”…is that writing about the vortex?) and last night (and tonight again) we’re having really solid cold of a kind not that common here. 12F temperature and last night was a -5F windchill with gusts up to 35. Brrrr. and neither of my boys will wear a blanket. However, with a lot of extra hay available night, and a late addition of HOT water from in the house (old 5 gallon wormer bucket filled in the laundry sink) they greeted us in the morning with “Hey–you! Where you been?? How about a REAL breakfast, we still have some hay…” Broke the water tub scrub brush on the ice (didn’t warn R- that plastic might break) but the handle of the manure rake punched holes in easily. They didn’t get pellets until they’d drunk some warmer water and pooped, extra care for which they were NOT grateful. (“We said we were starving for pellets! You don’t listen!”)

    Below freezing all day; Rags spent much of the day munching on a hay net; Tigger went out to see what else was happening within the entire area and tried to get Rags to play when Rags wandered out (‘No, I don’t want to play chase…quit bothering me…”) Tigger would canter past Rags, offer a pretend nip or kick-out to try to get the games going but no. No sign of illness, but a big sign of “You’re crazy, Tigger, it’s too cold and there’s food in the barn.”

    This afternoon, Rags appeared to be quiet enough I thought maybe I could get a blanket on him. I got it over his back but before I could straighten it, off he want, dropping it on a frozen (luckily) puddle. This time he did canter off with Tigger and there was swishing and filpping of tails and tossing of heads. Tig does that “snakey-neck” thing that actually looks graceful when Arabians do it. Rags…lacks the flexibility in his neck, but is so sweet and friendly and has the loveliest furry ears in winter. I love ’em both.

    I’m glad you’re getting a little respite in your chemo. So are two other friends (one shorter, one longer)

    • Patty says:

      I just wrote a lovely long reply and as I went back to check for typos lost it all! Loved hearing about Rags and Tigger.

      • I hate losing long replies that way.. I”m on a new platform part of the time now (tribel) and it’s really easy to lose posts and replies both. SO frustrating. Also, on tribel, there’s no way to skip a line between paragraphs in a reply…which I forget, so I end up with multiple replies that run over from one to the next.

        This afternoon the boys figured out that If I gave them the command OUT! (used to clear the barn and small barn lot so I can put out their feeds undisturbed) maybe all they need to do is stand way back while I put the feed out….and LO! I put the feed out with out being crowded or bothered. We’ll see if that sticks past the really cold stuff. It did get above freezing for a couple of hours today but their supplement (kept in the barn aisle) was stll frozen—couldn’t shake it up.

        I did get the spiced pear and maple syrup glaze for the ham simmered down today. Tomorrow: ham and a pie and some potatoes.

  2. Patty says:

    We are cold in Tenneesse but NM is not that bad according to my weather app! We had tamales and posole for Christmas Eve. Chicken and dumplings tonight!

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