A Perfect Fall Day

By Patty Wilber

Last Friday, a couple of friends took me and LT out to the Pecos Wilderness.  I could only ride at a walk because I had the port for chemo installed last Monday and I was not supposed to do anything rigorous or jarring. One of my friends had a bad rib bruise, so she was on the walk only program, too.  It was a ride for the medically impaired, because riding 14 miles in the wilderness is perfectly fine for semi-invalids, if your horse only walks, right?

The aspens were starting to turn in a few places! They are always stunning. Photo by Patty S.

There were a few down trees to go over, and LT was very careful about stepping over all but one. On that tree, she did a tiny soft hop (NOT a jiggling jump, so as not to disturb the port).  In the spots where the unknown person who “cleared” the trail by whacking the tree and leaving a serpentine obstacle of thigh high trunks, LT wove through agilely and I got to keep my knee caps.

For a horse that hates Trail, the show ring class, LT is actually one heck of a back country horse, and she can also pack.

We rode to Beatty’s Cabin, but took the right fork down to the river for lunch, before looping back up and checking out the cabin.

Heading to the river, below Beatty’s Cabin.

LT (center) tied, perfectly calmly, to a tree at lunch. That is so unlike her more keyed up show persona! But, it is probably because she is tied near the horses she trailered up with.

It was one of those clear, cool Fall days where you feel like everything is just as it should be!

Look at that sky!

I am so lucky to have amazing people in my life!

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to A Perfect Fall Day

  1. What gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous day. So glad you could get out in it, and that LT was gentle in her one necessary hop. Certainly true that some horses thrive in an arena or show ring and others thrive best out in the open on a trail. Wishing you the best possible experience with your chemo. One of my friend has had little problems with hers; others have had more.

  2. Susan Sernett Johnson says:

    I especially love the photo of the trail through the bright yellow trees! Beautiful!

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