Public Service Announcement: Have that Mammogram

By Patty Wilber

Here is another blog that is not focused on horses, but it is what is on my mind.

Most breast cancers are diagnosed via some sort of screening, mainly mammograms.

Because treatment options have improved over time, and screening can allow early detection, survival rates have improved quite a bit.  Mine was caught early, before I could feel it, by the mammogram, followed by ultrasound, biopsy, MRI and another biopsy.

My care plan (5 months of chemo followed by surgery and more chemo and/ or radiation, lasting in total 12 to 18 months) does not sound like a whole lot of fun, but due to the early detection and improved treatment protocols, chances of knocking it completely out are excellent.

I am thankful to have done that mammogram!  I encourage everyone to go for it.  It might save your life!

Next week, we should be back to horses!

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  1. Oh, my! May you respond well and heal swiftly!

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