This One Might be Trouble

By Patty Wilber

Last Saturday Lucy (the perfect) packed supplies for a trail crew working in the Pecos Wilderness.

LT and me ponying Lucy. We have not gotten to do many Back Country Horsemen projects this year due to the fires. In fact, this trip was into an area not yet open to the general public.

On Sunday, Lucy went to a New Mexico Buckskin ranch horse show and ended up reserve high point. There were some really nice photos of her at the show taken by Lauren Aston but I did not get my act together to buy any to put in the blog! Those photos made me a little sad because….

Unfortunately, after that show, Lucy was just slightly off, again, in her left front, so I do not get to show her at the Paint/Appaloosa/Pinto/Palomino/All Breed/4H show this weekend! LT (the dammit, Jim, I am a cowhorse, not a halter horse, horse) will have to step in. Since there is a 90% chance of rain on Saturday, all the outdoor classes may end up indoors, thus causing the show to possibly double?? in length. That should be “fun”.

I was so bummed that Lucy couldn’t go I almost bailed on the whole thing, but I came around and entered LT in everything I would have entered Lucy in.  Of course, with the weather forecast, I may end up bailing anyway, but it would be actual water.  I ordered a day stall next to Christy and Deets so LT will not have to stand out in the rain, and will have company she knows.

Also, there is no ground tying in the ranch trail, so that is helpful.  LT would rather follow me than ground tie.

Lucy has an appointment with the vet on Monday to get that leg checked.

One of my long term boarders (Maddie) build a barn and her horse (Leo) moved home on Monday, so Gette (the this one might be trouble horse) is here now.  Gette is the bravest, nosiest youngster!

Gette broke into the tacking-up area while I was riding LT and couldn’t decide which fly mask to pick, so she went for both at once.

“i’ll take both of these fly masks!” says Gette.

Then, when I had my back turned for 10 seconds, she walked right into the tack room itself! She was sniffing around in there while I tried to convince her to back out.  She did a nice little U-turn instead, without hitting anything, and came quietly out.

In the tack room.

Gette is going to the show on Sunday for Yearling In-Hand-Trail.  She probably won’t be afraid of any of the obstacles!

On to another packed weekend, and in two weeks we are off to Africa!



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