Back to “Normal”

By Patty Wilber

May was a little crazy with our gone every weekend (Delaware, Hawaii, Horse Show, Illinois) schedule.  This week, we are getting back to “normal”.

I worked on Christy’s horse, Deets’s flying lead changes.  They are getting there!

I picked up two new horses for training!

Surupa, an Anglo Arab, (because apparently now Arabs coming here is a thing;  I worked with three last month after having none for 15+ years) was in Espanola and is coming to get started. Mary Ann S. went with me to haul her here.

Surupa is five and hadn’t been loaded since she was one.  I brought Cometa as bait and comfort.  Fortunately, Surupa has a curious nature, so I never actually told her to get in the trailer.  All I told her was “Do not try to run me over. Please look in the trailer.”  As soon as she was looking, she went right in.  And came right out.  A few times. But hey. It did not take long before she stayed in. Beats the heck out of having one that just can’t bring themselves to step in without external encouragement!

Surupa, settling in here.

Mackenzie is here for a tune up! She has had a little head tossing issue and would prefer if her riders lacked legs as she does not like those dangling appendages touching her sides. We will see what we can do with those issues.  So far, so good, a few days in!


I went to work cattle with Heidi, but Lucy was just a bit off on the left front, so we concentrated on Penny. Got some big improvements in softness and Penny’s execution on a cow! Lucy is getting bute for five days, and a chiropractic adjustment.  It is a pretty minor issue, I believe.

Patty S. and I took an excellent trail ride in some badlands on Thursday.  The road in was a little rough.  Patty’s entire spare tire, mount and all, fell off!

Patty S. and Zima. Amazing red dirt.

Giant petrified wood. You can still see the bark!

Me and LT and yellow hoodoos! Photo by Patty S.

Wild horses.

I am going to work cows  with Darren Miller Friday (today) and since Lucy is resting, I am taking LT.  That should be interesting since she has not been on a cow for over a year.  Hopefully Thursday’s seven mile ride in deep sand and steep hills will have helped tone her down.

Gette (my yearling filly) is coming to stay the weekend and I will start working on In Hand Trail for the July show.  Gette and Gino will get to show against each other!

Yep, pretty much back to normal!

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2 Responses to Back to “Normal”

  1. Horse pictures! Horse stuff! Have to admit I enjoy this kind of post more than a travel one with no or few horse pictures/activities, but I like the others too, just not as much. Sorry that Lucy is “off” in the near fore, and fingers crossed that it is something simple and easily fixed.

    I really like your new student Surupa, including her color, but it’s her conformation that really appeals. Bet she will make a terrific trail horse, if that’s what her owner wants, or any of several other things. Mackensie looks “immature” (from that picture): I’m sure you will get her grown up about human legs on her sides and that head-tossing issue.

    Thanks for the pics!

  2. Patty says:

    Glad you like the photos!

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