The Roadrunner Classic NMApHC and NMBHA Horse Show

By Patty Wilber

Two weekends ago I was in In Hawaii.

This week and weekend I am in Illinois so Jim can do some Estenberg genealogy stuff with another diehard genealogy buff (Marie Estenberg Andersson) who is here from Sweden. Jim’s sister Jackie and cousin Pam are in on it, too.

Marie, Jim and Jackie poring over old photos and material!

In the middle (last weekend) I was in NM and I got to go a horse show run jointly by the NM Appaloosa Horse Club (I am on the board) and the NM Buckskin Horse Association (on that board, too). The double board thing is all the fault of Penny (the horse) because she is double registered.

This was the first time NM Appys and NM Buckskins have paired up for a show.  It was financially successful (whew) and I personally had a really good time. Fortunately, other less biased participants also gave positive feedback!

The judges, Carol Morris and Dave Parlier are good at judging horses, and they are also interested in helping the participants enjoy the showing experience.  That is a winning combination, all around, and sure made for a pleasant atmosphere!

Christy brought Deets and Gino. Gino is Gette’s half brother.  He got points in Most Colorful at Halter followed by demerits for not handling crowds and showing it with all four feet flying about, at human head height, hind feet then front feet. Well, he is athletic, anyway. Christy took Gino out behind the woodshed for a “talking” to.

The most gorgeous Gino.

Deets had a solid show and will get to go to at least three more shows in the next few weeks!

Deets and Lucy hang out at home together and are happy to hang out at shows, too.

Heidi brought Penny and won Youth Ranch Horse for both NMBHA and ABRA with her. Penny is a solid red dun Appaloosa, which is how she got double registration.

Heidi’s execution in the show ring gets better by the week, so watching her do so well in this show is, of course, a lot of fun for me as her coach!   This was also the first time Heidi entered a full on cow horse class.  She boxed, went down the fence, and circled up!  And she is getting better and better at noticing small things and being able to correct and help Penny.

Go Heidi and Penny!

I brought Lucy.  She is a lot of fun to show because the only things that bother her are hoses and random items dropping, blowing or being kicked (hehe! you know who you are) in front of her, none of which occur when showing.  If a hose ever becomes a ranch trail trot over obstacle, I sure hope we have a long warm up because Lucy will need a while to get over giving it the side-eye.

She won high point All Breed Ranch Horse and was reserve Ranch Horse in Appaloosa. I was really pleased with her in every class, but the highlights for me were: our best Ranch Riding pattern ever, winning a Ranch Conformation class, and, of course, just getting to do cattle classes (she did well).

This is the first year she has been competitive in conformation, so I keep being pleasantly surprised! She has grown into her body (she is six this year). She nice and stout, and has become very balanced.

Cattle classes are so much fun!!

Really, though, the very best thing about this show was the people.  Yes, there were many excellent horses, but even better, their excellent humans were cheerful, friendly, welcoming, and supportive to their competition.

The pre-show organizers had it all ready to roll, the office staff was great, the gate people were super, the talented announcer stepped in at the last minute as the original got sick (thank-you Becky!), and the judges were top notch.

I am proud to be associated with this bunch of folks!


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  1. Love the horse pics, as always. Gino is colorful, but will have to learn that colorful horses aren’t supposed to have “colorful” behavior, esp. with feet. Esp. with all four at head height…yeep!

    The Deets and Lucy pic is lovely…horse to horse communication. soft eyes, soft nostrils, but interested. Thanks.

  2. Hard to believe Lucy is 6. She looks great!

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