Riding in the Wind

By Patty Wilber

We had two days of strong winds this week–gusts up to 60 mph they said–but the sun was out and it was over 60F.

Cat Wind GIF by marko

 So, what the heck, I put on my windbreaker and buckled up my helmet!

The horses all live outside, so they are fairly used to wind, but to be on the safe side, I did stick to the round pen the first day for the two horses that came here with histories of overreacting and dumping people.

The round pen is in a spot that is a bit sheltered, and for whatever reason, most horses are very comfortable in it.  Maybe because it is inside a big pen where other horses live.  The residents like to come to the round pen, observe, and occasionally offer unsolicited horsey advice to the one being worked.

Sometimes they seem to be offering support, sometimes they charge around, apparently trying to unnerve us in the round pen, and sometimes I think they are telling my pupil that they could surely do what ever it is, a whole lot better, thankyouverymuch.

Both those horses did just fine, and on the second windy day, I rode one out. She did have a few moments where she thought outrunning the wind might be a plan, but when I told her that I didn’t agree, she kept it together.

The other horse got both days in the round pen, but on day two he did his first loping, so I’d call that a huge win.

The old standbys, Lucy, LT and Cometa all got some trail time, and Cometa said, “ya, whatever, it’s windy.  been there done that”.  Lucy was a little watchy and LT was wound a bit tighter still, but given the magnitude of the wind and the that fact that all were fine to ride, the two wind days were not that bad.

Good thing because Spring=wind around here.

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  1. Did some training out in that wind, too. Whoooosh! It leaves your ears ringing! We had to do Fake Rally Obedience, though, because the signs would have ended up in Colorado.

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