Spring Shedding Memes

By Patty Wilber

The onset of springtime is always “fun” as the horses start losing their winter coats and we become inundated with hair.  My favorite is when hair on my gloves ends up stuck on my chap-sticked lips when I try to tuck my own wayward hair back under my hat. Hair everywhere!

I thought taking a look at some memes could be fun.

I found all the memes on Pinterest, somehow.

And, of course, as I write this, my “i thought it was spring” heavily shedding horses are being snowed on.  One to ten inches are expected (We are right at the elevation driven prediction border: 1-3 inches below 6500 feet, 3-10 inches above 6500 feet.)

Friday morning! Four to five inches but it melted on the warmer patio.

It will be in the 60’s by Monday, though, just to provide some weather whiplash.

Happy Friday!

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