Lucy’s Good Year

By Patty Wilber

This last year, Lucy really matured physically, and I often look at her and think how strong and balanced she has become!  Yes, yes.  Bias all over the place.

In addition, she had a good 2021 in the show ring in her last year as a junior horse (five and under). The three local clubs that I show with finished their rounds of banquets in January, and Lucy got some loot!

For the New Mexico Buckskin Horse Association, with whom I have showed for years (and even with some duns and buckskins), she was High Point Open Horse and won four hundred dollars!

For the New Mexico Paint Horse Club, she was High Point Open Ranch Horse and won the buckle on the right, that is on order and will be here, supply chain issues and all, soon.

With the New Mexico Appaloosa Club, she was High Point Open Ranch Riding and Open Ranch Trail.  We could not quite beat Karen Troendle’s excellent Oh Good Grace for High Point Open Ranch Horse, but it gives us something to aspire to!

She also placed top 10  at the Appaloosa World show in Jr. Ranch Trail, Jr. Ranch Rail, Jr. Working Cow Horse and Jr. Ranch Reining.

In 2022, we are going to miss some shows for a trip to Hawaii to see family (who live there), and a trip to Africa to see rhinos (pinch me–I am so excited).  We are going to really, really focus on improving our cow work, so that in 2023…well…cliff hanger… more on that in the future!

I am feeling pretty lucky to have such a good minded, willing mare that has made steady improvement every year!  Looking forward to this year, a lot!

Thank-you to her breeder, Connie Hunter at Sunset Stock Horses!

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  1. Connie Hunter says:

    You and Lucy make the perfect team!

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