Pony Party

By Patty Wilber

Suffragette CD is living with Christy’s colt Gino so the two babies can play and roam on Christy’s ten acres.  I go by about once a week for a play date, and last weekend we had a pony party!

Christy and Deets ponied Gino, and me and Lucy ponied Gette.  We rode a couple of miles on the trails around Christy’s place.

Getting ready! Deets and Gino.

Lucy had not yet met Gette. Lucy may have a bit of ambition about becoming lead mare should LT decide to step down, so she did have a word or two with Gette about Who is in Charge Here.  Gette did not question Princess Lucy, but Gette has played the mare card with Gino and Lamont (Christy’s older gelding), so we are not quite sure, yet, about Gette’s future social climbing tendencies.

Lucy: excuse me? i am the lead here. u are to remain in your place!

Gette, never having been ponied, and after having been sufficiently “spoken to” by Lucy, was a little uncertain about EXACTLY where her place was.

Behind on narrow sections, and having her head about by the stirrup was acceptable, but never too far up, Lucy said.

The two youngsters were really quite amazing on the ride.  They were relaxed.  They did not feel crowded in the equestrian easement when horses leaned over the fences to see who they were. They did not spook at flagging or house construction or passing cars.  They are living up to Thunderstruck Ranch‘s legacy of producing curious, athletic, good minded horses!

Deets and Gino. (And Christy and Lucy’s ears and Gette’s ear shadows.)

This angle does not do either girl justice, but hey, they look interested!

And in other news, I got Gette’s papers back from the Appaloosa Horse Club, so she is officially in my name now!

Happy Friday!

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3 Responses to Pony Party

  1. Christy says:

    We were certainly a colorful parade. I wish we could have gotten a photo of the 4 of us! Maybe Lee can help us out with that sometime. 🙂

  2. I love the way mares talk with their ears and tails. Lucy’s ear informing Gette to get back where she should be is classic. My little bay more Kuincey (14h) could have much bigger Illusion (16.2h) hurrying sideways if she gave him “the ear and the eye”. Then there was Kallie, who early in our acquaintance swiped me with her tail (in the back of my head) while I was riding her. I hadn’t known that even an Arabian could flip a tail that far up and that precisely. (She did not want to “just walk”; she wanted to zoom around.) When spoken to firmly by the real alpha mare (on her back), she was polite thereafter and didn’t correct me with her tail again. Alas that I arrived in her life too late, and the trouble brewing in one hoof proved incurable.

    • BlogPatty says:

      I do love mares! I just like their attitude-ness, and fortunately I have not had the misfortune of having any mares that are so uncomfortable and hormonal when they cycle that they become unpleasant.

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