The Joy of Horses in the Yard

By Patty Wilber

I wanted a horse of my own, in my own back yard, ever since I was very little.  Now I get to wake up every day, and there they are, being their silly or bossy or pesty selves.

LT front, Lucy middle, Breeze (owned by Mary Ann) back, Jude (owned by Courtney) standing up.

It has been cold at night these last few days and in the warmer afternoons, the horses really seem to love lying in the sun here.  Sometimes when I come upon them flaked flat out this, I have a moment of panic!  This time though, LT (near) was sitting up and then, with a relaxed sigh, laid all the way down!

Lucy like cats.

This cat belongs to the Tuckers and often comes to hang out around Lucy when we go there to work cows. Lucy must have liked the soft feel of the cat’s fur because Lucy had her nose all over the cat, for a long time.  The cat liked, it as well! Lucy strongly dislikes stepping over hoses, but apparently cats are okay!

Christy and Gette.

Gette is over at Christy’s, so Christy is getting most of the fun moments, but I still get to hear the anecdotes.  On Thursday, Lee, Christie’s husband, was riding his mountain bike on the course in the horse pasture.  Gette apparently wanted to play, too, and followed him all over the course, while Gino ran around in high energy general goofiness!

It is a fine life I get to lead!

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Here's the skinny: I have a thing for horses. They make sense to me. I have a small horse training business (it's a "boutique" training business, not because it's super fancy, but because the horses get a lot of personal attention). I also go by Dr. Wilber, and teach biology full-time at a Central New Mexico Community college.
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1 Response to The Joy of Horses in the Yard

  1. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Especially love the picture of your gang at rest. The contrast of the colors, the forms of them all rounded (horses lying flat always give me that “Has he/she colicked?” shiver until their heads come up and they look at me with “What do YOU want? We’re resting, let us alone!” expressions.) Anyway, those of us with horses “in the yard,” close enough to step out and look at multiple times a day, are very lucky. (I don’t always think that when I look out on a wet, miserable day and see two muddy horses rolling the mud into tangles in their manes and tails, and know that they’ve left a lot of mess inside and out…but it doesn’t take long to feel the luck again.)

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