2021 in Review and Happy New Year

By Patty Wilber

Two thousand twenty one was not a bad year.
We had 19 head that came through here.
Six were colt starts, which I do still like,
And eight went a showing, (and Jim brought his bike).

January had camping and getting year-end show loot. (in the mail)

Jim on Cometa, Jan. 2021

Feb. had snow that went over my boot.

Polar vortex snow!

March had some rides that were indoor and out.

Riding H indoors in Colorado! Jordyn came down from CSU to visit and took this picture!

Heidi showed Penny, and it was fun to check out!

Heidi on Penny!

April had Christy looking spiffy at West World.

Christy and Deets before our first classes in Arizona!

And the grand girls came calling and my heart really twirled!

Leilani bringing Lucy in to be saddled.

May had camping with some really fine women.

Eat, drink and be merry!

LT was my ride and the next week got more miles in.

LT in the Manzanos. She is so sure footed!

June: We hauled to the Basin and 4WD low was sublime.

Getting to the camping spot was much easier in 4WD low and first gear!

Sydney showed LT; we ate burritos like old times!

Sydney making LT look good! She was a tad hotter on cows (as in she ran off).

July had Judith taking a ride on her pony.

Judith rocking it after years of not riding.

And Maddie won show stuff, (cuz she is no phoney!)

Maddie and her prizes! Well earned!!

August included getting H ready to sell,
If not for Rachel, it would not have gone well.

A photo of me and H  from Rachel’s photo shoot.

In September, we had to let the boy go.

At Billy Bob’s. Photo by Rachel. It was sad.  Won’t do it again. Horse selling is not my thing.

But I passed the recert to saw logs, doncha know.

Recertification for cross cut saws for back country horsemen. Thanks Dan (and Miles) for a good course!

In October I discovered Lucy’s allergic to wool,
And she showed at the World, which was very cool.

Trot down the center in Junior Ranch Rail. Lucy was so steady!

November: Jude came as the year’s last colt start,

Jude, 4, belongs to Courtney.

And I bought Gette, which I’m sure was quite smart.

If you look closely your can see her spots: Sufragette CD; Gette. Bred by Heather McLevin, Thunderstuck Ranch

December brought hats, on all of the horses,

Silly Leo with his tongue out!

and a trip to LA; we saw gators, of courses.

Very cool and not scary.

Goodbye to last year, we had some good times!
Happy New Year to all, and look here, it rhymes!


Dec. 31 is the day we are picking up Gino and Gette (in Raton, NM, instead of the Canadian border!).  Easier. Great way to end 2021!!

Gino, who belongs to Christy will be home soon. Also bred by Heather McLevin, Thunderstruck Ranch!


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4 Responses to 2021 in Review and Happy New Year

  1. Lisa Westfall says:

    Love it! I saw Gino and Gette playing and exploring their new digs across the way today. What lovely future mounts!

    • Patty says:

      Yay! I think they will have fun together! They were especially excited about Lee on his mountain bike!

      • Lisa Westfall says:

        I saw them today playing in the snow. They didn’t go too far from the barn area, but they lope and trot together like they are connected at the hip. Beautiful to watch.

        • BlogPatty says:

          They seem really happy to have each other! You will get to see them more than I will for quite a while!!

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