Bad Picture Week

By Patty Wilber

I only took one picture this week: Gette, the new filly’s, new halter.  They have not met yet. We (me, Gette, the halter) will all be together Dec. 27 after Christy and I make the 1300 mile drive from NM to the Canadian border. Merry Christmas to us! We will be picking up Gette and Christy’s boy, Gino.

In other “fun” news, I bought 13 tons of fill dirt Monday and spent a few hours (6? 8?) with the tractor moving most of it into one pen and some of it into another.  These two pens are on a slope so there has been quite a bit of horse induced erosion over the last 25 years.  In some areas, more than 8 inches of dirt has moved down slope.

Some has blown away.

I finished after dark on Thursday and I still need to smooth out the remains of the dirt pile.

We are supposed to have a 90% chance of rain/snow over night and into Friday, which sounds kind of exciting (and delaying to my clean up work) until you look at the predicted moisture accumulation: 0.1 inches. So, I probably won’t have a gob of mud and  will be able finish the last bits of the dirt work project Friday.

In other news, Lucy started on Red Cell Pellets (Sandy E. gave me a tip that her horse found the pellets a lot more palatable than the liquid) a few days ago, and either it was the cold weather or the change in diet, but Thursday Lucy felt the most powerful she has ever felt.  I had a blast with lead changes (she is a very good lead changer), the cow flag, spins (they are still getting faster), and some very decent stops.

I am going to have to get some good pictures of her soon because she ended up being a bit bigger (close to 15 hands–which is not actually big, but all my horses are small cow sorts) and stouter than I had imaged she would be.  I think, here at the end of her five year old year, she looks balanced, strong, she still has a nice bright eye and very cute ears (not that I am biased or anything).

We will work some cows on Saturday (she is dong a fine job with that, too,) and then Sunday Jim and I are taking off for New Orleans for a few days. Never been there before, so we are looking forward to a fun adventure (and lots of food–I am only bringing loose fitting clothes!)

Happy Friday!

P.S. Woke up to sideways sleet which just switched to light snow.  It is definitely wetter that 0.1 inches! Yay!!

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