California Thanksgiving and a Slayed Santa

By Patty Wilber

We missed Thanksgiving with my family last year, but this year, we are all vaccinated and many are boosted, too, so we felt able to gather together in California. What a joy to be able to see people I have not seen in two years!

Four generations! My mom, me and Leilani, Maegan and Amara, in my parent’s front yard.

We held most of the activities out of my parent’s house, but Jim, me, and our kids and grandkids slept at my sister’s place.  This was the first time we had NOT slept at my folks, so it was a change, but it really worked out well.

My sister (L), and me, at my parent’s house. My brother is photobombing us in the background!

Here is our Traditional Holiday Agenda:

Thanksgiving feasting, Friday hike, family game of Scrunchie Face with obligatory disgruntlement over some rule infraction, normally by my brother, but he was on the phone, so this time by me, and, just saying, I was RIGHT.  The rest of them were delusional. And Saturday Dim Sum.

Normally, my parents have a big gathering, but this year it was just us and one other guest for the Thanksgiving meal.  It still felt like a “real” holiday and a full house…sixteen people now seems like a crowd!

This year we added a new twist.  The neighbors put up a 20 foot inflatable Santa.  On Saturday, the little girls (my granddaughters, aged two, and four, my niece, age three and a family friend, also age three) went to see it.  The neighbor asked if the girls wanted to come closer.  Of course they did.  Leilani was very excited and was jumping up and down and twirling around and she tripped and body slammed 20 foot inflatable Santa’s foot…

The rush of air POPPED Santa’s belly and he collapsed in a big WHOOSH!

Oh my goodness.  She slayed Santa. (We will be saving this tale up for some major event in her life, like a wedding…)

She looks so innocent in her princess dress and dandelion crown (made by her Auntie Tina), but she is strong enough to take out a 20 foot Santa!

We tried a few fixes but ended up going in together and buying them a new one.  Fortunately, they had not purchased the $1500.00 style (which, on the other hand, probably would not have met such an explosive demise when his foot was forcefully compressed, because it would have been make of better material…)

We flew home Sunday morning, and I had time to ride a few horses, of course.

This past week has been back to normal, but next week is my last week of school for the term and then we are going to New Orleans!



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