Gino and Gette are Coming to America

By Patty Wilber

Update from Pump Her Up.  Lucy has a bit more perk in her step on the Platinum but not an overwhelming amount.  However, with advice from cow horse trainer Darren Miller, I have also upped my expectations on git up and go, and this training change has also made a difference. (And he really likes Lucy! I am super duper duper DUPER pleased about that!) Last Thursday we had some bang up cow work practice. So excited about having a nearby cow horse coach again!

I have not added Red Cell to the mix yet, but after Thanksgiving, it will be on her menu, because the Red Cell + Platinum combo was cleared by my vet.

And now on to…

Gino and Gette

So, yes, I did it. I bought a weanling Appaloosa filly from Heather McLevin at Thunderstruck Ranch in Alberta, Canada. Suffragette CD. (Is that a cool name or what?)

Gette!  Photo by Heather McLevin

Heather’s horses are flying (galloping??) out of the barn to buyers as they are athletic, smart, cowy, flashy and do well in competition!  She normally does not advertise her weanlings, but all the yearlings and two year olds had been sold.  As of this week, her last three weanies are gone, too. (So if anyone wants one from her, you better get on the waiting list for 2022!!)

I “met” Heather online when a client was looking for a horse.  That horse, Mitch (You CD Signs), is an outstanding individual in both personality and talent, and has had many successes with his owner, Ardith, and trainer, Cody Crow. H was also bred by Heather and you probably know how much I thought of him.

Gette is out of Mitch’s mother (Big CD Lights) and by Total Blam Blam. She is not on the expected-to-be-sold list.  It was way too sad selling H. I am clearly not cut out to be a horse trader…although H’s selling price is allowing me to buy Gette.

I expect Gette to be a cow-eating wonder and that it will take me until she is five to have her cow drive under control, so look out Appaloosa World, 2026! She also has a nice big, free trot, which will work well for the ranch events.

Gette has full Appaloosa papers and will gradually roan out as she carries one gene for Appaloosa roaning (LP/lp).  Lucy is LP/LP so she has roaned out, but faster than Gette will be expected to. On the photo below you can see Gette has spots on her hip.

Gette’s spots. Photo by Heather McLevin.

By the time she is five, her color might look like her 3/4 relative Mitch.

Mitch at five years old. Photo by Heather McLevin.

My friend Christy has been sending me cute, loud colored Appy gelding pictures and so when I bought Gette and she said she was jealous I pointed out that Gino (Driver’s Seat) was still available.

I mean, is he cute or what? Photo by Heather McLevin.

Photo by Heather McLevin.

SHE DECIDED TO BUY HIM!!  Whoop! That means when G and G are two, I may be having some fun with two talented youngsters!!  H was about the easiest colt I ever started, so fingers crossed for these two.

I was planning on leaving Gette in Canada with Heather for a while so she’d have a big pasture and playmates, but Christy wants to get Gino in a few weeks, so, CHRISTMAS ROAD TRIP!  We are going to get them both!

When we get home, Gette and Gino will hang out on Christy’s 10 acres together so my room to roam and need for a young buddy requirements are met.

This is going to be a very fun ride!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. Lisa Westfall says:

    How exciting! I already enjoy watching my neighbor Christy’s two handsome geldings romp and play. I am thrilled that I’ll be able to see those lovely young ‘uns having fun together after they arrive. Congrats!

  2. Elizabeth Moon says:

    How wonderful! I’d wondered if you’d get another youngster to bring on, and Gette is a beauty. And two youngsters playing around…you are going to be sooooo busy. And having a blast doing it.

  3. BlogPatty says:

    Hehe. Just one more…

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