Going to The Appaloosa World Show

By Patty Wilber

We are heading out at 3:45 am Thursday morning instead of the more civilized 6 am, because Princess Lucy (Qwhizenart, in case you did not know her registered name) needs a little body work in Amarillo with Guy Winters before her Appaloosa World debut! (As a Ranch Horse/Cow Horse not a lead line horse, but she was so cute with the grand girls!)

She is entered in Jr. Ranch Riding, Jr. Ranch Reining, Jr. Ranch Rail, Jr. Ranch Trail, and Jr. Working Cow Horse. (Junior means she is five years old or less; she is five.)

Lucy with Amara.

Lucy with Leilani

We did two local World Warm Up shows:  The Buckskin show at the end of September and the Paint Color Round Up last weekend, and I think Lucy is ready.

Warning: Lucy bragging alert.  Stop reading now if you want to avoid it!

She won reining in both shows, which was a first.  She won all her cow classes and was high point open all breed horse at the buckskin show.

This past Sunday she won every open all breed class she entered under one judge and got three firsts and two seconds under the other judge.  She also won the high point ranch riding award, which was the highest ranch riding score of all the entries across all classes. Overall, without showing at all on Sunday, she was reserve open all breed horse.

Thank-you NM Paint club for this very cool Ranch Riding Award made by Darrel Shough!

And just in case any one thinks she is just an arena horse, I am here to tell you she can also handle herself outside of the arena.

I am nervous and excited about the World Show but I do think Lucy is ready, so that is good.  Ranch riding is probably Lucy’s strongest event, and I know we will have a blast in cow horse regardless of how that turns out. I am thankful that Jim is coming and looking forward to having a great time with my human friends!  Wait, Jim is also actually human!  (And sometimes superhuman!)

I will let you know how it all pans out!

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5 Responses to Going to The Appaloosa World Show

  1. Christy Harding says:

    As the judges said of Lucy this past weekend: “You could ride that all day” and “She can come home with me.” See you in Texas!

  2. Sue Bragg says:

    We’ll best of luck to you in Amarillo!

  3. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Lucy’s careful handling of that steep, rocky, tricky downhill really impressed me. Yeah, that’s a horse you could ride all day and both of you come home in one piece!!!

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