Pecos, show, Pecos, show

By Patty Wilber

Last Friday, Lucy and LT and I packed in supplies for a trail crew.  We went with Back Country Horsemen, Pecos Chapter.

We left from Jack’s Creek Trailhead and went up past Baldy Lake.

Resting after the climb out of Jack’s Creek Trailhead. Me with Lucy and LT; Janet and Rowdy, Bain and 44; and Richard with his mules (and Belle). Photo by Mary Ann E.

It was supposed to rain, but we only got a bit drizzled on.  The big rains (and a lot of hail) were Sunday and Monday, but we missed those!

LT carried water and some roll up tables. She sort of looks like the Flying Nun. Photo by Mary Ann E.

On Sunday, Lucy and H went to the NM Buckskin show. During boxing, Lucy’s cow leapt out of the arena not once, but twice!  The first time it tried to jump, the gate just swung open on impact and out it went!  On the second try (in the same spot), it jumped, high centered, and fell out. Lucy still managed to win the class.  I still managed to over rein her.  One day I will leave my hand down! She won high point open horse for the show!

This was my first show with H since the Appaloosa World last October/November and we had some nice moments in the ranch classes. I did a pretty good warm up and that helped him stay focused!

On Monday, H got his prepurchase paper work done for the sale.  You can check out the catalog here.

Then Tuesday, H got to go to the Pecos to pick up the stuff for the trail crew.  LT got to pack again.

Cute spotty butts. LT’s spots are under the britchin. Ok but the “britchin” is really “britching” and even more really, BREECHING. The purpose is to keep the pack saddle and load from sliding forward when going down hill.

H still likes water! Photo by Mary Ann E.

Since H spent the last year with Cody Crow working on arena cow stuff, I was not sure if he was still solid with water and mud.  (And truthfully I had never really ponied off him before the Sunday show when I ponied Lucy around off H…) He did not disappoint.  He ponied LT like a champ, and did not hesitate over water or mud.

The view near the campsite where we were picking up the stuff was outstanding (even if we had some haze from the west coast fires).  We all had to get photos.

H, LT and me overlooking the Pecos Basin. Photo by Mary Ann E.

Richard and crew!

Mary Ann and Rosebud.

And to finish off this string of activities, we have another show this weekend.  Lucy and H will go to that. I will also get to show one or two horses for Nancy, and Heidi and Penny are going to present the flag (as well as show!)

Whew!  After all this finishes up, I might hibernate for a few days!


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  1. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Hibernation sounds like a necessity after all that! Lovely horses, gorgeous country, lots of expertise on display.

    • Elizabeth Moon says:

      I did notice that you called H by Lucy’s name or Lucy by H’s in a couple of places, like when you said you were taking Lucy and LT. . I did look up the sales catalog (not buying just looking) and H’s page looks really snazzy. A most attractive fellow.

      • Patty says:

        H and Lucy look a lot alike from the front but all the pics are correctly labelled–I double checked!!

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