H’s Photo Shoot

By Patty Wilber

Judith and I decided to bring H home for the last month before the big Texas Premier sale so I could prepare to present him at the sale, which feels more like a big scary show than a sale, to me. (He was with Cody Crow  at No Where But Up Performance Horses in Colorado for the last year.) I will be riding him doing some sort of routine, maybe working cows…not entirely sure, yet…

Thank goodness for Rachel Pozzi at FreeBird Designs and Performance Horses. She is organizing this whole sale business, including the auction application, and new photos and video for the advertising between now and then (Sept 10-11).  And she will go with me to the sale.


Plus, she and her mom hauled H down from Colorado last week, because they were going right by after a camping/riding trip to one of the Dakotas.  This was double lucky for me because my 2004 Dodge went serious death wobbling the week before I was planning to go up there and it just got back from the shop. (So far we have upgraded/repaired brakes, radiator, shocks, drive train and the suspension…cheaper than a new vehicle, but still…Let’s hope we get a few more good years out of it as it also has a rebuilt engine and a relatively new transmission.)

Here is a mild death wobble video.  Ours was a whole lot more violent.

The day after H got back to NM, Rachel and I set up a Photo Shoot.  H is pretty darn photogenic.  I have got to learn to take off my Concentration Face and put on my I Am Having So Much Fun face for photos!

Anyway, Rachel did a deep clean on H, I got dressed up, and we played in the arena and out on their property.  We also got lucky when Rachel’s horse departed with the camera in the unzipped camera bag hanging over the saddle horn. The camera stayed in the bag!

Fun with the barrel. We we able to swing it a bit and stand it up, pull it back over and drag it in a figure 8 at a trot, drag it on foot and have him follow it and me, take the rope off, knock it over from horseback and side pass over it. His whole attitude was, “whatever…”

He is happy riding out. He is more likely to act bratty in the arena than out on the range.

Range cattle? No problem. He is brave and we pushed this bull around a little. Now, if we need to do some high speed arena cattle stuff, H will light on fire. He does not like to be beat and he is very very quick, so hold on!

Terrain? He can handle it. I mean this little rock pile is nothing compared to the steep and rocky at my house!

Got cholla?

H has a handle, even when out of the arena.

I am looking forward to getting to spend this last month with this super talented horse, and I figure if, at the sale, I just have to keep him, I will call Jim and ask for an early birthday present…  More likely, I will just cry all the way to bank.

And NO MORE PROSPECTS.  I like riding and training and getting to know all the horses that come to the house.  I really hate selling horses, especially horses as cool at this one (which is why we hired Rachel!).

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9 Responses to H’s Photo Shoot

  1. H looks so awesome! I hope he sells well. Or doesn’t. Whichever you really want. (Boy, can I relate right now.)

    I had a Celica with a wild death rattle–bought used on the cheap when I was young and wild, had apparently been in an accident and the frame was messed up. Took me totally by surprise at 60mph. I may have shouted, “We’re breaking up, we’re breaking up!”

    (Sadly, only dinosaurs of my age will understand that one.)

    • Patty says:

      Thanks! H got good care in Colorado! That quote is familiar but I can’t place it.

      • Six Million Dollar Man, from the pilot, at the intro to every episode.

        (I, of course, the high school geek, read the original books by Martin Caiden the moment I could get my hands on them.)

  2. Christy Harding says:

    At what point is the truck no longer the same truck? Additionally, that sales video Rachel made is the bomb!

    • Patricia G. Wilber says:

      haha–new truck with old body is what I think we have at this point.

  3. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Fantastic sales video! Yeeeow! what a nice young horse H is. And another tone of voice for the “Yeeeeow!” of the Death Wobble. DO NOT WANT Death Wobble.

    Best of luck at the sale, whatever “best of luck” means to you by then. What’s your reserve on him? (No, I’m not hunting a horse right now, just curious after watching some other horse auctions online.)

    • Patty says:

      We have not yet got to setting a reserve. This whole thing would be fun if we were not selling an actual live cool horse. I also eat meat but do not want to meet anything I eat, so apparently under my gruff exterior I am a pansy.

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