Judith and Beauty

By Patty Wilber

Beauty (2 yrs old) owned by Melissa Huchton and bred by Judith Huchton, came in mid April and she went home for bit 7/27  because H (owned by me and Judith) is coming home from Cody Crow’s for five weeks so I can get him and me ready to show him for the Best of Texas Sale he is entered in, in September! It feels like a big show, so I am a bit nervous already!

What is not to love in this butt??

But back to Judith and Beauty!

After all the years I have worked with Judith, she finally decided she was going to end her 14 year no-riding hiatus and get up on a horse–the two year old Ms. Beauty! Proud of you my friend!!

Judith and Beauty at the trot!

At first I wished this picture did not have the lunge whip and the rake involved, BUT!  Check out how nice and straight Judith’s back is!  We have the lunge whip to prove it!

I am also super proud of how this formerly very distractible filly has taken her to training.  Even better, though, I just love how hard she tried to take care of both Judith (14 years of not riding, in case you forgot) and Melissa (just starting out).

Ms. Beauty maintained a calm, even tempered demeanor no matter what!

We will need more time to get to a “dead-broke” finished walk, trot, lope, go anywhere (and tie anywhere–still working on that), do anything mare, but the future looks promising for all!


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4 Responses to Judith and Beauty

  1. Doranna says:

    That longe whip is a perfect opportunity to show off Judith’s seat. What a grand thing, to be riding again–and to have a young horse working so hard to do well by her riders.

  2. Christy Harding says:

    I told you H could move in over at my place! And yay Judith!!

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