Landscaping around the place

By Patty Wilber

Horses generate something like 25 pounds of manure per day. Our composting bins had filled up. 

Since I had to use the tractor to open up a bin anyway, I had incentive to get some other dirt work done! 

I needed to fill in the sloped spots where run off causes some erosion and areas that the horses have worn down.  Since I needed dirt for all this, I got the brilliant idea to cut back a tight corner by the hay/tractor barn to make it easier to pull in and out of there!

I started with removal of manure and spreading it.

Remove from here. (Not done yet!)


Spread to here.

But then, that space filled up and I figured I could start making a circuit.  Get manure, spread it or dump it, get some dirt on the way back, dump that, work on the back lot, return to the manure bin. Repeat.

My dirt did come mostly from my corner removal project (and also from my old crusher fines pile).

I removed a large Wolfberry bush and a section of fence.


Then I started cutting back the corner. (Not done yet!) You can see my accomplice, the blue tractor, in the barn!


I filled in by this tree (not done!)

I also used my weed whacker (ran down the battery and ran out of whacking cord) but am almost done for a bit–one more pass ought to do it!

I dug out a fence line to allow for future run off if we ever get rain again (and chopped the underground wire for the invisible dog electric fence in half.  Fortunately it is an easy fix when you know where the break in the line is.)

I hope we get rain again…We are in a D4 section.

Overall, it has been a very satisfying landscaping week at the barn, and I got some fun riding done as well!!

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Landscaping around the place

  1. Sheryl says:

    Good job! Hope to ride with ya’ll soon. “

  2. Doranna Durgin says:

    We call that Pooscaping, and after scattering our modest horse poo burden through the winter, we’re back to collecting it and dumping it by hand. Ten years of this with one horse and two humans has made some small impact, here and there… Nothing like what you can do with your tractor in very short order!

    That drought monitor, tho. :/

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