LT Does Some Miles

By Patty Wilber

LT got the winning number: camping last W to F AND a Back Country Horsemen project Sunday.

On the Continental Divide Trail near Cecilia Creek.

Siri knew of a quiet camping spot next to Cecilia Creek near the San Pedro Parks Wilderness in the Santa Fe National Forest.

So, off we went for a little relaxing camping trip.  We also rode about 30 miles;  seven the first afternoon, 15 the second day, and seven the last day–depending on whose ride tracking app we believe. Of course, we met some hikers doing he CDT and they are covering upwards of 30 miles on foot/day so our days were definitely low key compared to that.  One guy, currently making the trek, has a blog, the Dusty Camel.

When we were not riding, we were eating or laughing or both at once.  (No one choked while doing this.)

We assigned meals but we did not coordinate. Here is what Mary Ann and I brought for dinner Weds. night: Chips, dip and olives for appetizers, main meal of chicken and cheese ravioli with Caesar salad, and pound cake for desert.

Here is what Linda and Siri brought for Thursday night:  Chips, olives, cheese and salami for appetizers (olives!); followed by CHICKEN PASTA, CAESAR SALAD and POUND CAKE!  I am not kidding!

Great minds think alike, and all that!

Eat, drink and be merry! Patty S., Linda, Siri, Mary Ann.

LT really likes to lead, as does every one else’s horse, except Patty S.’s mare.  The group graciously let me go first for a lot of the time.  We did have to do a bit of trail clearing and some bushwhacking reroutes, and LT is good at that, so it worked out.

Siri modelling my saw. We cut that very large (hehehe) tree to her right. (It was too high to get over without jumping.)

Gratuitous shot of  LT’s super shiny summer coat! It is hard to capture the metallic glow it has but if you look closely you can see it.  I thought it was the result of the Pearl gene, but upon reading about that gene, this is not correct. I am not sure it is yet know what gene causes this.  Her dad was like this, too but even more so.

After getting home, LT got one day of rest and then was pressed into service to work on Red Canyon, Crest, and Spruce Trails in the Manzano Mountain Wilderness in the Cibola National Forest.  So were Patty S.’s Zima and Mary Ann’s Rosebud! “hey!” they said to each other at the trail head, “didn’t I just see you over in the Santa Fe Forest?”  Bill S, Kee, and Jim were the other participants.

This was an actual large tree, and we got it off the trail.

We got all three trails clear! LT got to lead again!

This is the most spectacular view on the Crest Trail between Red Canyon and Spruce, in my opinion. It looks like a scary part of the trail, but it really is not. I think that award goes to a rock out cropping/ sharp turn on Spruce.

Our first Pecos Wilderness BCH trip is coming up. LT might get to go on that one, too, along with Cometa and Lucy.

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  1. Doranna Durgin says:

    At least that meal sounds good enough to eat twice! 😉 Those outings sound just marvelous.

    • Patty says:

      🙂 We laguhed pretty hard about the food. I totally forgot one anecdote. I brought a blanket for LT–but I was in a hurry so I grabbed Lucy’s from the tack room. As I put it on, LT took a great big sniff and then got very upset and started whinnying because she could not find Lucy! I took that blanket off and gave her a different one! That helped!

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