Apr 302021

By Granny Patty

We had not seen our kids or grandkids for quite some time, so what a treat for Granny Patty to have everyone here for a WEEK!

Leilani (3 and a half) got off the plane and came directly to the horse show I was at in her boots, helmet, and princess dress.  She got right on Lucy for a ride!

We also got to go to the Tucker’s to visit the lambs, bunnies, new calf, show calves, cats and horses, including Penny who is staying with Heidi, and Biscuit who was willing to go double!

Checking out the four day old bull calf, in full princess mode. And boots.

Nichole helping Leilani hold Copper while Amara looks on.


Leilani and Amara “riding” double on James’s horse, Biscuit. My photo did not really capture it well, but Amara (in back) was giving LeiLei a big happy hug.

LeiLei helped me feed everyday, morning and night.

She helped measure, carry and pour the grain and supplements.

And she rode every chance she had (which was every day, and sometimes twice, which of course was fun for Grama!)

Bringing Lucy in to be saddled. Lucy was good for walking, but a little too uneven to be good for practice trotting. (Lucy was not quite sure who was wiggling up there and whether she should go faster or slower!)


Lunging Lucy! My better photo had a finger in it. We had a little bit of trouble staying “behind the drive line” so Lucy had to change directions a few extra times, but she was a good sport about it.


The smile says it all!

Cometa is a very good mount for beginning riders.  Steady and calm. 

They will be heading home tomorrow, and I may have a small bout of depression coming on!



  4 Responses to “The Princess and the Pony (or Grama’s Blog)”

  1. Well, AWWWW dammit! Too stinkin’ cute!

  2. That is too much cute…but wonderful! How luck to have a relative with a horse to visit!! Who’s willing to teach the interested youngling how to feed, lunge, and ride. And it’s clear Amara’s just as hooked as Lei-Lei…horse-crush runs strongly in your family, huh?

    I would gush on more about the cuteness of kids and horses, but we’re having our septic tank pumped out right outside this window. Two big guys in the septic pumping crew, one husband who dug out the septic tank in the rain (!!!) and the truck pump going loudly on. I will be glad to have the toilets working again. The tank wasn’t overfull (though definitely due for a cleanout; it’s been um…six plus years…) but something stuck in the sewer pipe under the house…but it’s gradually worked out over the days since it stopped up.

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