Apr 162021

By Patty Wilber

Last Sunday, Heidi took Penny to the NMBHA show.  I probably had as much fun as Heidi since I got to tell her what to do all the time!  Much like when Sydney was riding Penny, Heidi UNDERSTANDS what I am talking about and, then she can go do it.  

Photo by Derek.

Of course, then she and Penny beat me and Lucy in open ranch trail (she got second, and she also got second in W/T ranch trail–Lucy won that one) so I might need to give worse advice so I don’t start losing all the time to Heidi!

Heidi also placed about middle of the pack in the open (mainly grown ups) in ranch rail, ranch pleasure and ranch riding! AND she showed in boxing.  It was a nice no-drama go.

This week we worked on lead changes, we worked the flag, and we are going to work live cows!  Next weekend we will have a another crack at stuff at the NM Paint show, and this time, there are even youth classes!

 I had to toss in a photo of Lucy. I like how her front feet are crossing in this picture.

Photo by Derek.

James brought his horse Biscuit and he held herd for me in the cutting!

Lucy was apparently planning to run over Biscuit. Photo by Derek.

The day after the show, I got a new colt start.  Andretti, from Whispering Spirit Ranch.  It seems he is going to be one of those that I am really going to hate to send home. His mom was Peptoboonsmal bred and his dad is DK Smart Mate, Appaloosa cutting champ, and I can already tell he will be a big stopper. 

But it is his personality (and his really sweet eye), not his cow horse potential, that has captivated me. He thrives on praise.  Thursday while we were working through some of his scaredy-cat spots, we were taking a little break and I was rubbing his forehead.  When I stopped, he gently pushed into my hand to ask me to start up again, just like a dog.  Awwww.

Next week, I can fill you in on the colt start I get today! (Friday).  Her name is Beauty!


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