Mar 122021

By Patty Wilber

Penny is 14 this year!

We have had her for 12 years now. Last week, Heidi T. took her to a show and has two more planned for this month, so that got me reminiscing.

Penny is a red dun Appaloosa, but has no spots. She is also registered with the American Buckskin Horse Association, which is where she was shown most.

Penny, two. She was ponied and ridden a little on a Back Country Horsemen project Fall, 2009, while learning to carry stuff and be a horse.


She is three in this picture.  As a four-year-old she earned Open Register of Merits in trail (her favorite) and Hunter Under Saddle.

She also did her first ranch work as a three-year old.


Here she is with Sydney Brooks at 6 or 7. Sydney showed her for two years and earned 172 buckskin youth points and 7 register of merits.

She showed again with Lori W. in 2017? or 2018?  and earned Lori Novice of the Year (I think it was) in the NM Appaloosa Club.

I (and Jim), in the meantime, put hundreds of miles on her in the back country with Back Country Horsemen and hunting (because she packs, too, but we usually use her as the lead horse, not the pack horse.)

Heidi with Penny at a Back Country Horseman function, 2017

Penny helping Black Jack (owned by Shirley)  learn to cross water, 2020.

Penny won a Virtual Trail event this fall.

Last Friday, we went on a beer run with the girls. It is about four miles from my house to Ale Republic.

Patty S., Mary Ann E, and Siri K.


And then Saturday, we hauled over to work Lucy on cows and to let Heidi ride Penny, so that on Sunday, Heidi could show.

Heidi earning second in youth trail in her first ever trail class. On Saturday Heidi did not know how to go sideways over a log and by Sunday, the two of them side passed over logs in an L-shape, and then backed through the L. Pretty fast improvement! 🙂 They will try again this weekend at another local show!

I thought about selling Penny right after she had earned all those youth points (just think of the money I could have asked for her!), but Sydney’s mom could never find the videos I needed to advertise her, and I never got motivated enough to make any more.

And besides, she’d be awfully hard to replace!

Here’s to you, Penny!


  3 Responses to “Penny”

  1. I like Penny lots and lots! She knows what she’s about and she’s pretty sure she knows what you’re about, too. ;>

  2. Penny always looks put-together (I know YOU did the brushing; she doesn’t groom herself, but she’s a horse that looks “right” all the time. I’ve had both kinds.) And she performs well under different riders with different intentions…all terrain vehicle for getting wherever you want to go, and just a general all around good, good mare. She’s in the right place because you make use of her talents and her personality, and not everyone would’ve pushed her to become that good at so many things. Congratulations!

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