Feb 262021

By Patty Wilber

I was trying to figure out what to write about and somehow I got to thinking about how far I rode each day, and then I thought about the free phone app, Equilab

I have not used it all that much and I have a more to learn about it, but it really is pretty fun.

I do know that it does not track well if my phone is on airplane mode.  I get maps with major portions estimated as straight lines, and the mileage is WAY off.

 I am not 100% certain of its accuracy when my phone has mobile data turned off, either, but it does make cool maps without a ton of estimated straight lines when mobile data is off and also gives fun statistics, and the base version is, did I mention? FREE!

I have been having trouble, I realized a few days ago, with my new phone not staying connected to our Wifi and I ate up almost all the mobile data I had been rolling over, IN ONE MONTH, and then I about ran out this month, so mobile data is currently off until the 1st and I could not test Equilab with and without mobile data on.

But! Still fun!

This is one view of a workout I had with Lucy in the arena. 

Here is the same ride with details included. I took a screen shot, so just to let you know there are more details that can be explored. I am little confused about the 1 Feb–it might be the first workout in Feb. recorded….I did it on Feb. 23 and that is correctly noted in the calendar–like I said I have stuff to learn.

Equilab will also overlay rides on Google view!

You can see that this part of the ride with Sombra does appear to shoot through the pipe fence into the trees…Not sure if that would be corrected if I had mobile data on? Total ride included some trail work and was recorded as 1.4 miles.

This was mostly a trail ride with Deets and the tracking seems a bit more accurate, as the path is along trails that are visible. 2.2 miles.

And last, my favorite map…which again illustrates that there can be a bit of inaccuracy.  Or else it is perfectly accurate since I was riding the Super Horse Landon, who is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, trot on cliffsides, and get out on the road, but not through the gate!  I especially like the track over the barn roof.

He was lunged first and then ridden.  I thought about attaching my phone to him for the lunging part, but did not have a good way to do that at my finger tips.  The ride part was about a mile.

Since I am working with  four or five horses per day, it looks like I am riding between five and 11 miles on a typical day. Truthfully, I was hoping the numbers would be a little bit more impressive—but maybe they are. Next week when I get a new slug of mobile data, I will try a few rides with mobile data on vs. off and see what I get!

Fun times!

  3 Responses to “Equilab: How far did I ride?”

  1. Looks like a fun app!

    I have a new tracking app and the first time I got it I looked like a clown, juggling my gear bag, the surveyor flags, the scent article, the tracking line…the phone. Must find a better way.

  2. Have you noticed that it tells you not only walk-trot-canter, but left and right turns? Good way to make sure you are even-steven on turns 🙂

  3. Love, love, love the barn jump!

    I use this app too and have these little issues too, but enjoy our speeds galloping and when driving speed demon Buddy….

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