2020 in Review

By Patty Wilber



I was deep into colt starts with Birdie and Coco,
I ordered the trailer for trips to a go, go,
Breeze came to live here, with her scoliosis.
We are quite glad she does not have psychosis.


We had some nice weather, and we had some snow.
Clay worked with H, and dragged calves like a pro.
Coco and Birdie kept making progress.
COVID was just starting to pull toward the abyss.



March was a wild one; my courses went online.
I shut down my horse lessons, and tried not to whine.
We were “normal” on Thursday, and by Monday were not.
I have not since been to campus nor parked in the lot!
But I got to keep riding, which helped me stay sane,
And I got, Fancy, a new youngster to get on and to train!


Well, that virus was not a flash in the pan,
And stuff started to cancel, again and again.
So, we tried virtual shows; H and Lucy won stuff,
But filming for perfect just made me say “Uff!”

We also had snow, which was gone in a day,
The trailer came early and for THAT I said “YAY!!”
Spanish Barb registration was, for Sombra, a fail,
But, he started his training and was soon out on the trail!

Leo moved in and that brought the Coburns! This turned out to be extra great since they make the most amazing Christmas treats.  Eggnog fudge.  Oh my. (Ya, that does not rhyme.)


We masked up and rode out to clear trails of down trees.
We did (COVID delayed) spring vet stuff: sheath cleaning and teeth.
I got my next colt start, from Whispering Spirit,
Daytona, gorgeous athlete, will smoke barrels, don’t fear it.

I started back giving lessons, but made folks stay apart.
And summer term, still online, began with a start.
The wood rats, emboldened, started attacking the truck,
Too bad for those ratties.  They ran out of luck.



H, I took camping, to Rancho de Fe.
For sure you should go there for a fine place to stay!
We also moved poo, tons of poo, with a nifty dump trailer.
We camped Cruces Basin which was not a failure.
Despite the rough road and LT in the highline,
We filmed for our first virtual competitive trail ride.*
Lucy worked packing supplies for a trail crew.
Jordyn came down to ride here from CSU.
She helped with the colt starts, cuz we’d got a new one.
It was Simba, half brother to LT, and gold as the sun!

*LT got second in the competition.


We drove out of NM to attend a memorial,
Airports are crowded so we avoided the aerial.
I tried keep fly masks on all of the horses,
They’d remove and then hide them, of courses.
I bought some wee bovines and Tuckers have kept them.
Jordyn and LT did cow horse and tracked them.
I got a new colt start and his name was Jack,
Siri’s horse flattened her stirrup but we hammered it back! (with rocks because we were out in the Pecos Wilderness!)



As we worked up the calves it became really clear,
H was born to it naturally and he had no fear.
So, we sent him to Cody up north in Weld county,
to get ready for Worlds and go for a bounty.
Meanwhile, back home, Lucy kept doing well,
So I showed her in Ardmore and it was hot as H*LL.
Jordyn rode LT and then took her to school,
But her shows were all cancelled so she couldn’t look cool.



We did trail work–we packed in a tank.
Black Jack crossed water and I have Penny to thank.
Sombra was excelling with four months under saddle,
And he won green VCT because he is one handy mammal!
Lucy showed local (COVID numbers were down).
And she came proudly home with an all around crown!


We galloped Hamilton Mesa and back over to Beatty’s,
Mary Ann wants to do this well into her eighty’s.
I’m on board with that plan, though I am quite her junior,
She will be there about 15 years sooner!
(I hope I can keep up!!)

Guess what?  I got a new colt start in the mid of the month.
That’s seven this year and I am sort of stunned.
That is more than most years, in a pandemic to boot.
Someday I’ll retire, but for now, it’s a hoot.

We also hauled camp goods up Pine Shadow trail.*
And we hauled in more stuff for our elk hunting detail.**
I rode good old Penny and our others hauled gear.
The trails has some bad spots, but with with Penny, no fear.
She good with her feet and she won her VC trail challenge.
On the trail and the show ring, this mare has the talent!

*Back Country Horseman project in the Manzano Mountains.
** Hunting in Cruces Basin Wilderness.


Well, this is quite long, and the rhymes are still suspect,
But November had highlights, so! Proceeding unchecked!
Lucy got first in her turn at VC trail,
Her down hill vid was something to hail.

LT came home to hang out for school break.
Jack number two is as cute as hot cakes.
(which is saying something since we are doing low carb eating right now and hot cakes would be welcome change!)

H went to the World and was super, WOW!
His cow class was stunning, though he flattened the cow.
He got a ribbon in that, plus ranch, riding and trail.
He was supposed to be up on the block for a sale…
But, gosh we sure like him and we think he’s a peach.
So we decided to spend a lot of bucks each*
And keep him in training with Cody, you know.
Look out everyone, at the next World show!**

*H is co-owned by Judith and me.
**Lucy gets to go to World in 2021, too!! They will both still be junior horses (under 5).



I helped with some branding and got bonked on the head.
I made hat pics required, “You must” I did said.

I took Lucy to CO to visit with H,
The indoor arena there is really first rate!
I got tips from Cody and we got Lucy to RUN,
I rode H a lot and I really had fun! (Thanks for a place to stay Emily!)

And now the long poem is just about done.
I hope that next year is not a rerun.
I want the vaccine and to walk around maskless,
Don’t think it’s too much that I hope and I ask this!

Welcome 2021!

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6 Responses to 2020 in Review

  1. Elizabeth Moon says:

    I love how you write
    about horses and riding
    and your pictures are great
    in arenas and outsiding

    Please keep up this blog stuff
    it makes Fridays a treat
    I look forward to ’em
    and to years of repeat.

    (Oh, and I still think Sombra has a very Spanish barb look or else some Andalusian got into him…that neck and head! And Jack II sure reminds me of my Ragtime though Jack II looks to be built at little better.) Happy New Year!

    • Patty says:

      Thank-you very much!! I agree with you about Sombra! I think Ragtime is a little more laid back than Jack II, but then Jack is still just 3 with only 50 rides.

      • Doranna Durgin says:

        I agree about Sombra, too–and the blogs, and this one gets a standing ovation!

  2. Kristin Munson says:

    Are you sure you don’t teach poetry at CNM? Fantastic!

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