The Not Spanish Barb, and My New Cow Pony

By Patty Wilber

This Placitas Mustang cutie looked pretty Spanish, and I own one actual Spanish Barb, so I convinced his owner, Mary Ann, to go for Spanish Barb registration.

Sombra, Placitas Mustang.

So, we measured him and took pictures and Mary Ann sent money. They thought he looked fairly Spanish!  They asked for more pictures and a DNA test. 

His DNA came back grouped with the Mountain Pleasure Horses.  Bummer, we thought.

But, no!  Those are Spanish!

Cool!  More pictures requested.  A long time passed, and after all that…


Well, that was an interesting process.

So, now he is Sombra, The Placitas Mustang, or Sombra, the Not Spanish Barb.


He came last July as an unhandled two year old and I did a lot with him up through the fall.  Then the weather got bad, the days got short, and three more colt starts showed up in the barn.  Sombra got to take a little vacation.

Vacay is over!  Days are longer, only one colt start is left and I plan to be up there on top, riding Sombra this month! (At home, alone!)

This guy is going to be a TON of fun to ride.  He is light, smart and forward.  He does have fairly impressive leaping (not bucking–leaping!) ability, so my plan is to make sure he feels no need to utilize that while under saddle!

Sombra’s pen buddy is Cometa, the actual Spanish Barb, and on Sombra’s early rides, Cometa will be hanging out for moral support!

I also got a new Cow Pony!

Nope, this is not him. This is Birdie, LT’s half sister (same dad).  She is owned by Whispering Spirit Ranch and she is for sale. She was pretty scattered (see Training with a Buddy ) to start with, but she is really coming on now!  All the time we spend earlier this year has paid off.

 This video shows her at 30 rides, on 3.28.20.  She can also perform on the trail and in the arena and even in the wind that has been howling the last few days. 

She is a smart and friendly cookie and probably has a future as a heel horse.  She will have a heck of a stop.

Here is my new Cow Pony!

He is a Painted Pony and was created in 2001? by Lori Musil, who lives (lived?) in Cerillos, NM, only 30 minutes from my house!

One of my retired Microbiology colleagues (who also loves horses) read last week’s blog that included a bit about our crazy face to face to online instantaneous lab conversion, and she wanted to try out the Unknown Project.

“For sure!” I said.

So, I assigned her an unknown number, and off she went.

She nailed it, of course, and then, she sent me Cow Pony!

Happy, Friday! Wash your hands and wear a mask–no–a face covering–maybe with a vacuum cleaner bag piece insert as a filter…And, stay at home as much as possible.  SO glad my home has a lot of space.  So sad I had to cancel lessons.



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