Easter Weekend in Phoenix

By Patty Wilber

I got Lucy’s results from the Paint Pinto Palomino Buckskin All Breed show. I guess I was overly critical.  In the all breed open stock horse pattern class where I said she was accurate but not as smooth as I would like…she got 2nd under both judges!  She managed 3rd in Ranch Rail in spite of her breaks of gait.  The future is bright for this one!

On to Easter with the grandbaby!

Maegan and Leilani flew into Phoenix from Hawaii for a wedding and Jim and I got to hang out with them!

I think we are in good shape with this grand girl as she is not afraid of animals and she loves water. She can be a surfing polo player!

Here are highlights.

We arrived and went to visit Meggie and Matt, adorable Harrison (2.5 years old) and beautiful baby Maxine, Karen and Mark, and Jenny and Paul. I did not get any good pictures of Leilani and Harrison, but they had  a lot of fun playing together.

Great time visiting old friends at the Smith’s!

Friday was the train park! I recommend it!

It was a very hot day (high 90’s) so we had to have (and wear) ice cream.  Leilani gave her last bit to Jim.

We also did train stuff.

Back at the condo, we went swimming. It was hot enough that even I got in! Leilani is a fish. Takes after her mom, uncle and Grampz.

Jim and I took Leilani with us to dinner (we walked), while Maegan went to one of the wedding events.   Of course, we had to get a picture of this fountain!

Leilani was worn out, so fell asleep in the chest carrier.  Everyone smiled at Jim carrying her.  He felt quite popular!  The bad news was we lost her pacifier on the trip.  The good news was that she stayed asleep until we had finished eating!

We paid for the lost pacifier later, though.

The next day we went to the zoo. We had more ice cream and Leilani fed the giraffes, and the tiger statue, liked the zebras, and brushed every goat in the petting zoo at least twice.  She also warned off any other kids her age that touched “her” goats.  No shrinking violet, this one!

That evening, Maegan went to the wedding ceremony and we had the pacifier, so things went smoother! Except someone, who had recently gone to a polo match and was fascinated by the horse manure, was not interested in eating meatballs for dinner. I think her exact words were “Poo poo. Yuck!”

Sunday was Easter. Maegan made the traditional Wilber-style clue-driven Easter scavenger hunt (the Senior Wilber Bunny finally retired.) The clues were pretty tricky:  “Look under the coffee table,” for example.  Then, since Leilani did not actually know what a coffee table was, we sort of pointed her in the general direction!

The hunt even went outside!

Maegan and Leilani went to the wedding brunch so Jim and I hiked to the saddle of Camel rock.  It was steeper than it seemed like it was going to be, but since we live at 6,800 feet elevation and Phoenix is way lower, we took advantage of the “elevation effect” and tooled on up.

Then we headed to the airport and flew home.

What fun! But it is a drag (for us) that Leilani (and her parents) live in Hawaii–so far away!

Next trip is a two day, one night whirlwind to Seattle where we will see more family (and a Cubs game)!

And just to brighten up your day, horse-wise, check out this cutie that Judith bred.


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  1. Maegan A Ruggles says:

    Leilani had a great time!

  2. Doranna says:

    Yay, Lucy!

    So you don’t know the show results at the end of the show?

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