2018 in Review and Happy 2019!

By Patty Wilber

2018 seems like it got started, barely,
But 2019 will be here, yes verily,
The time fastly going might mean I am older,
But not so much older that I am beginning to moulder!

The highlights of ’18, they were aplenty
I bought two horses and didn’t sell any.
Our sweet island grandbaby, she has turned one.
M and E’s wedding in Homer was tons of fun.

January started with Atti’s worst show,
I am still scarred, if you want to know.
But she improved every week,
Now in great confidence, the World Show we will seek.

Dec. 25th, 2018. Atti (still 3 years old) has become so reliable that my daughter took her out on the trail with the baby.

February brought some news that was bad
Indy’s hock won’t do cows* and that made us sad.
So I thought I would sell her for only walk trot**
But she is so cute that I decided to…not.

Indy: “i AM too cute to sell! of course when Mark rode me on 12/25/18, i did give him some guff, to remind him of the other Indie that used to dump him all the time when he was a kid…but he stayed on”

*Indy had a bone chip surgery in 2017, but while she is sound walk trot, loping can be uncomfortable for her.
**And if she is not 100% would whoever bought her really want to keep her??? And she CAN do walk trot in the mountains…

In March I began drill team with a fine group of women,
It sometimes got messy, but it’s true we persisted.
I also did trail work ’cause the weather was mild,
And finally found a new farrier about whom I’m wild

In April,  Callie’s Star, my young adult book,
Hit the blog in chapters; you can go take a look!
And Atti went glamping on our lady’s spring trip.
She still matched her name (Attitude) and gave me some lip!

In May, we did trail work in the Pecos-so fun!
I began looking for a ranch horse and didn’t find one…
In fact,I found two, in Alberta to boot,
Went partners with Judith on High AF–what a hoot!

#1. Lucy, (Quizenart) from Connie Hunter Sunset Stock Horses, Alberta, Canada. She is here in NM in this shot. She is coming three, is very good minded and what a sweet trot! She is also starting to work cows!

#2. High AF from Heather McLevin at Thunderstruck Ranch (High Point breeder at the 2018 Appaloosa World Show in October–lucky we got on the bandwagon early!) Alberta, Canada. He is coming two and will arrive NM in mid-2019. Judith and I are pretty excited!

In June was Ranch World with Jordyn and Slick,
The trail course was fantastic and Slick, he was fit.
That Jordyn, she rode, like a confident pro.
They tied for second* with a way awesome go!

*She placed third as the tie breaker judge had the other youth up by 0.5 points!  It was SOOO exciting.

July was the annual visit from my sister and mom,
And Laurel, Maryanne, Mark and Erika, the bomb.
We went all over, including the Fourth up in Chama,
And we hit the ArtTechHouse  in ABQ for light drama!

(And grandbaby Leilani turned one over in Hawaii!)

My niece, Maryanne, at the Art Tech House interactive light exhibit.

August contained a lifetime event!
To Alaska we all all all all went!
Mark and Erika got hitched,
and in the meantime, we fished!

(Not to mention the wonderful Red Hot Ranch Horse Challenge put on the NMApHC, with the fifth annual coming up August 3 and 4, 2019!)

The Wilber, Hannon, Ruggles Clan! The beautiful bride and handsome groom were the center of our hearts on this wonderful day!

In September, we outlasted a really big downpour,
To work on Ox Trail with our friends, the Gores*
Callie’s Star’s last Chapter was posted online.
We backpacked with Mark, in the Rockies, so fine!**

Indy and LT after the big rain! (They waited it out in the trailer!)

*and other intrepid Back Country Horsemen members!
** Which, as usual, involved a slightly hairy bushwhacking adventure!

October was hunting where we lost all our food,
out the back of the camper, but we kept our good mood.
And then it snowed and it rained and no bull elk were about
But Indy rode well. “Grand Adventure” we shout!

In November, Suellen sponsored the rescue horse Cloud,
And Thanksgiving with family had us all laughing out loud!
November also had the last of Fall riding.
Our love for the mountains, it is quite abiding.

Jim on Cometa ponying Penny, who was packing that day. We love New Mexico–so much public land and so many riding opportunities! (And BCH helps keep the trails available! Go BCH!)

December, now that started off as a mess!
We ordered new floors and our plumbing regressed.*
But we had the whole family in for GREAT Holiday cheer,
and grandbaby Leilani, she is such a dear!

* Fortunately the plumbing issues are better and did not affect the new floors!!

We all rode together on Christmas Day,
Then Mark and Erika had to be on their way.
The rest went to town for prime rib, fantastic,
with Syd and Suzette and her small kid magic!*

* I took a picture of Suzette and Leilani but it turned out too blurry to include.

Mark on Walk-Trot Indy, Erika on Penny, Maegan and Leilani on Atti, Jim on Durango, Rick on Cometa and I am taking the picture from my lovely LT (who got little mention in this post, but is still near and dear to my heart!)

The 26th of Dec., and Leilani’s first snow! That pink snow suit was once my little sister’s!

We hope that the next year is a great year for all!
We wish health and happiness and having a ball!


from the whole Wilber person and animal clan!

PS 12/28 and we have SO MUCH SNOW!











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