Home Remodel

By Patty Wilber

This week we had a lot going on in the house.

We got new floors in the bedrooms on Monday and Tuesday, and unexpectedly, a leaky faucet handle led to lack of water in the house for a week and a bunch of brand new piping.

Wait–isn’t that water supposed to be in that pipe? And isn’t that pipe supposed to connect to something? Well, as of Thursday night the floor is dry and the hose is hooked up!!

Um…there is a big hole in the wall. That we have not yet fixed!

Of course, everything had to be moved out of the bedrooms to get the floors in, so we have been sleeping in the living room and living like hoarders, with stacks of stuff all around.

There is a small path through all the stuff!

The dogs have particularly liked this arrangement. The German Shepard sleeps on the bed while we watch TV and switches to the futon when we use the bed. Our cow dog cross prefers his dog bed on the floor. We did ditch his crate in the rearrangement and he seems to be fine without it.

The floors turned out really well!

To save money, we did the demolition ourselves, along with some paining–uh–painting!

Master bedroom with new paint and new floor. The flooring is a laminate by Pergo. We have Pergo elsewhere in the house and it has held up really well, so we bought more!

That lamp came with the house when we bought it in 1997. It is pretty funky, and so are the walls that the oldest kid created a few (like14+) years back when she was in high school. The floors look so nice!!

The start of the room repopulation!

We have taken the opportunity to downsize, a bit. We tossed old junk and gave away other things.  A more entrepreneurial sort could probably sell some of it, but, ugh.  I’d rather give it away and be done.

Fortunately, this being the holiday season, places are looking for donations, and I had the good luck to happen by a drive-through location where people met me at my car and took my old clothes.  That was easy!

I did get to take Atti and Lucy to Ed Krausses on Thursday and Leiah took these pictures of Lucy  for me. Lucy has about 35 rides.  She is starting to work cattle and she seems to have a feel for it!

I like her long trot!

Good pony!

Having water back on in the house is great (hot water showers….) but having horses is AWESOME!

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2 Responses to Home Remodel

  1. Doranna says:

    “To save money, we did the demolition ourselves, along with some paining.”

    World’s best typo!

  2. EMoonTX says:

    Wow…that’s a lot to accomplish in a week. And Lucy has *35* rides now? Another wow. She looks so good.

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