Cloud says “Happy Thanksgiving, 2018”

By Patty Wilber

An update on Cloud!

Backstory: In September, I saw his Livestock Board mug shot (picture) on the  New Mexico Horseman FB page and there was something about him that captured me. I don’t do rescues very often and I didn’t have room for him at this time, but still, there was something about him.

 So, I called Char Hudson at Walkin N Circles rescue ranch to see if Walkin N Circles could possibly bid for him if I would provide financial support for about a year (which wasn’t that much, so don’t be terribly impressed).

They said, “Yes!”

They won the bid, and WNC began the process of helping him recover by feeding him carefully, getting his teeth done, getting shots, etc.

As you can see by the pictures, he is doing really well!  And the best part is down below!

9/26/2018 at the Livestock Board pens


11/22/18 with Suellen, his soon-to-be sponsor!! Picture by Mary Ann Shinnick.

Suellen saw Cloud when he first arrived at WNC as a bag of bones and she fell for him right away.  She said she “was taken by his resilience in spite of what had happened to him.”

As soon as he was out of quarantine, she  started brushing him. He was very thin and she could only use a soft brush because a curry comb was too rough on his lack of subcutaneous fat hide.

Then she started walking him. He was too puny to do much else, but he was very sweet.

As he has gained condition, and is feeling better, Suellen says he is “revealing his spirit to” her as he regains it.  (Yes, I am tearing up as I write that.)

On Wednesday, she let him loose in the round pen, and while he is not ready for a fitness workout, he did take the opportunity to kick up and run around on his own!

He seems to know some ground work, but he is not too sure about the practice bridge.  Suellen walked on it herself and he followed by stepping completely over it with his front feet and hopping his hind end over!  “well, i made it over,” he told her.  “that was the point, right?”

Now that he is no longer just surviving, he is starting to do some testing to see what the “real” expectations are around WNC!  Suellen is looking forward to helping him figure it out!

Hankies all around!

Happy Thanksgiving!


I got this from Donna Hurst and it made me laugh, (“Horse stuff” was the capper!), so I thought I would share it!




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  1. Doranna says:

    Aww, he looks great! And very lucky to have Suellen’s care!

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