Visiting Leilani

By Patty Wilber

We jetted to Oahu Friday and came back Tuesday.  What a fun visit! Not bad for a weekend jaunt!

Leilani is nine months old, and I taught her Patty Cake!  Fitting, I thought.

With all that plane time on Friday, I got Chapter 2 of Callie’s Star up to snuff and so today there are TWO posts!

We went on a movie tour at the Kualoa Ranch.

They have horses, so we had to visit those, of course!

Petting the horse!

Leilani fiding the fake horse!

Well, if you can’t ride the real one, why not the statue?

We saw the boneyard from Skull Island.  Really cool and all those bone are made of styrofoam!

A fied with huge fake bones

We got a “perspective” picture at the log from Jurassic park.  The guide held up a 12 inch dino near the camera, and told us to hold up the baby… The baby survived.

Running from the the dinosaur--perspecitive picture.

Apparently, she is even fine with life-size dinosaur heads engulfing her.

All of us standing around and LeiLei climbing into a full size dinosaur mouth.

Jim, Leilei, Maegan, Me and Rick.

The tour was a lot of fun!

Jim and I also got Leilani for a whole day.  So, we went to a botanical garden for a hike. Cue ominous music.  My family is big on hiking…There is the “Hannon Death March” and variations on the theme such as “The Easy Hike”–8 miles and lots of hills, the “Trail?  What Trail? Let’s Bushwack up this Cliff Hike”, and the “No Crying/ No Whining (even if you have blisters and forgot your water) Hike.”  You get the idea.  As an aside, my biology students rarely whine (to my face).  I wonder why!?

Watch the silly 26 second video

Hiking under a tree that had fallen across the trail.

Where is Back Country Horsemen when you need then?

I think Leilani survived the hike, unscathed.

Jim and LJ

At the end of the day, we went to the beach and Maegan and Rick met us there.  When Leilani saw them her whole face lit up with a great big smile, so while we are pretty cool grandparents, LJ has yet to realize just how cool we really are!

We will see her again in August at Mark and Erika’s wedding in ALASKA! Maybe we can take her to see the grizzlies!


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  1. Doranna says:

    Jeepers, you got out just in time! Glad your Leilani is safe! (Sounds like a great visit. I think the little one has already figured out her family. That final pic is just perfect!)

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