Flea Market, Max, Snow

By Patty Wilber

This week was a bit of this and a bit of that!

We got our first real snow on Monday (preceded by rain all day on Sunday). So pretty from the patio.

First Snow of 2015

First Snow of 2015 

In the pens?  No so much.

Paris. “um… when do I get to go to arizona where it is WARM and not a mud pit??? just asking.” She was slated to be picked up and transported via commercial horse shipper to Arizona this week. The shipper seems to be um… a Bull Shipper. Fired.  Going with a new option. Soon, my dear, soon!

We had a Back Country Horsemen Flea Market on Saturday before the weather fell in!  Milford was our star attraction.

20151114_100753 20151114_100738

We didn’t really make too much money for the effort put forth, but hey, I got rid of some stuff!  There is the NMBHA amateur riders garage sale this weekend (19-21) 455 N. Bosque Loop  Bosque Farms if you need a garage sale fix!

Max, the three-year old gelding from Walking N Circles arrived on Wednesday.  Mary Ann and Roger who have Mojo here and lease Cometa have been sponsoring him for quite a while.  Now that Max is old enough to be ridden, he has come for “Max’s Makeover”!  That will include learning to be a riding horse, and a hair cut.

He is about 14.3 and so far has settled right in and is quiet.  After he has mastering his riding basics, he will be available for adoption.

I am not sure what he will be wanting to do for a  job, yet, but based on how well he ponied out on the trails for his first ponying, ever, and his first trails, ever, I am guessing trail riding is one thing. Nothing thing startled him.

He is not sure he loves it here, yet, though!!

who r u? why am i here?

who r u? why am i here? where is roger?  i like roger!

Thanksgiving is coming up.  I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!


This picture was copied from Kentucky Performance Products.  Check them out since I used their picture.  They have a lot of equine supplements!!

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4 Responses to Flea Market, Max, Snow

  1. Karen Denison says:

    Did Milford find a home?

    • Patty says:

      Milford wasn’t for sale. He was doing advertising for us!

      • Karen Denison says:

        Great! Because he sounds like the perfect ambassador!

        • Patty says:

          He was a grand attraction and since he is good accepting treats, lots of people fed him carrots, much to his delight!

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