End of the Season

By Patty Wilber

The show year is over!

Trail project season is over!

LT is on vacation!

I still have Miss Paris who I haven’t yet talked about in the blog–a beautiful, tall hunter type 3 yr old leopard Appaloosa that I have been starting.  But she will go home in a few weeks.



Sounds like I should be able to take a few breaths.

But young Indy needs to move forward (she will be a 2 yr old Jan. 1) and 3 yr old Max from Walk N’ Circles horse rescue comes next week to be started!  He will be available for adoption in a few months so s stayed tuned for that! Never a dull moment!

But with no big shows or projects on the horizon, it seemed like time to do some over due cleaning!

I washed things!

I started small.  The boots.  Protective horse boots that reiners and cow horses (others, too) wear to reduce injury. The washable ones are some sort of neoprene with Velcro,  My white boots are all stained with various colors of arena dirt.   I soaked them and washed them with detergent, vinegar ad baking soda.  I even put them in the drier because what my not-so-great low-water-use washer won’t get out will sometimes dry off.

That did not really work and those boots are fairly off-white–but still much cleaner.

The lucky black boots with only two uses (Nationals and World’s) were not so dirty and they are black.  They turned out a bit spiffier!

Boots in a bucket

Boots in a bucket

I have a gob of old boots.  Some of those are not so clean and some need repair.  They are off to a flea market.  the dirtier the cheaper!

I washed horse blankets.  No one is wearing them right now.  The herd is all going for the shaggy look.  Frankly, the only one that looks cute on is the Fjord, but nevertheless, all that hair does keep them warm! And we had our first bit of snow on Thursday! (Global Climate change note: from 1997 when we first moved to the mountains until about 2011 we always had our first significant snow in October.)

You’d have thought maybe I would have taken care of those blankets after the end of last winter, but I just brought them into the basement, and stacked them up…we have a very dry climate, so mold is no issue–and there they sat for months.


Ths might be how they got dirty…

So, for the clean-up, the ones in good shape went into the soaker tub for a day.  Then into the rinse and spin on the washer.  Then I actually washed them, one at a time, twice each, on heavy duty, heavy soil.

I hate my washer.

The blankets are cleaner, but not that sparkling.  I will buy a blanket-worthy machine next time.  That may be sooner than later if I manage to over tax this machine and break it…

The blankets in need of repair went to Shelley.  She will clean them too (for a fee).  Whatever the cost, I am beginning to think it’ll be totally worth it.

One torn one is huge and all I have are small horses, so that may go in the donation pile once repaired!

I washed fly sheets!  That was even worse than the blankets.  The Duramesh stuff mine are made of just sheds water and the parts that absorb water seemed to fold under the rest and hide from the soap.  I soaked, and washed them THREE times.

The machine tried to break. But then it fixed itself.

Those sheets did respond to the drier treatment and gummed up the filter with with hair pretty well.

One may go to Shelley, if she wants it, for parts! It is pretty well worn.

The pieces parts sheet, as clean as I could get it. not that clean, so I stored it on the floor overnight.

The pieces parts sheet, as clean as I could get it. Not that clean, so I stored it on the floor overnight.

The other sheet is put away in its semi clean state.  LT might get a brand new one for next summer! Or Indy.  Indy seems a bit fly sensitive.

Then I started sorting.   I have a lot of random tack. And I have a saddle pad fetish, so it was a good time to winnow the goods, as it were.

I drank one Lime-a-Rita at the World Show and went to use some horse stuff coupons…and spent 400 bucks.  Three hundred of that went to two saddle pads.  They were not on sale.

I do like them! But then the old ones needed to go.

Overall, the winnowing worked.

I still have the basement storage area to go through.  I have show tack and my English gear down there, plus some more saddle pads–show pads!

And I must not forget the closet upstairs.  A few of my barn shirts are somewhat shredded and can probably go.   I like to get really good use out of things but super faded, missing buttons and with holes is probably a sign of worn enough.  I also have show shirts both English and Western I have not used in a while…

It always feels like something has been accomplished when a de-cluttering clean goes down.

I have one week before the Back Country Horsemen flea market and two to the annual Buckskin yard sale.

Pretty sure I will gather a few more items!

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Here's the skinny: I have a thing for horses. They make sense to me. I have a small horse training business (it's a "boutique" training business, not because it's super fancy, but because the horses get a lot of personal attention). I also go by Dr. Wilber, and teach biology full-time at a Central New Mexico Community college.
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3 Responses to End of the Season

  1. EMoonTX says:

    I have horse stuff I need to shed. Down to the one pasture ornament, and though I hope to have a rideable critter again someday, I do not need all the tack and equipment I have, even should that day come. (It recedes into the future for various reasons.) But I”m way out of the loop now, haven’t been to a show or someone else’s stable in whenever, so…there are mud dauber tubes on one blanket.

    • Patty says:

      That horse stuff seems to kind of reproduce on its own. We started with one saddle and one halter and one bridle…that was a while back! Oh and one horse. Those have accumulated too. I set a limit of three personal horses but have had 5 for a bit…down to four. Have reset the limit to 4.

  2. Elizabeth Yslas says:

    Patty your name was given to me by Sandy, who said you might be near my area which is in valencia county. I am seeking someone that works with kids. I could only find videos and blogs. I was hoping you contact me and let me know if I located the right person.

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