What in the World?

By Patty Wilber

Got back from the Appaloosa World Show last night!  That was the most fun I have had at a big long show in…in ever.

My goal for LT for 2015 was to get her to a status I considered “finished” and to show her at the Appaloosa Nationals and the World.

After our good run at Nationals, I was sort of scared to try to go to World! But then Shelley called and asked me to take her yearling Andy, and that helped relight a fire.

So, we went!

LT at the World’s.

LT had her best go ever in Jr. Working Cowhorse   That girl has a big heart and what fun it was! Thank you Troy Rogers for all your help getting us ready this year, and especially this last month!

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She ended up second by 0.5 points!  It was very exciting!

The next day, though, she was little sore and swollen with a slight strain in her left front.

We had to scratch Ranch Pleasure and Jr. Reining.

I was really really sad.  Much more so than I would have thought.  It would have been fun to show her and I think she would have been competitive in both!

The vet wrapped her up for two days. “feels good wrapped (or maybe that’s the bute), but hmpff,” said LT.

Then she got a mud pack. I don’t think I have ever had a use-related lameness problem, so the mud pack was new for me!

As of Thursday pm, even after a 600 mile ride home, she had no swelling and no noticeable lameness!

She got remudded at home and is getting a few weeks off anyway. She deserves a little rest!

I may have mentioned that I really like this horse!


As for Andy!

Well, first off, Shelley went a few days early and set up EVERYTHING for the horses and the tack room. What luxury!

Andy got to show in Yearling Lunge Line, Hunter and Yearling Hunter-in Hand, geldings.

He had to be bathed.  His favorite.

baths are stoopid

baths are stoopid

 He is still pretty gangly compared to the other competitors, but that boy was so quiet at this big venue that we started feeding him alfalfa and extra grain to ensure he’d actually want to canter a little in the lunge line class!

In lunge line, we first had to go set up the for the conformation assessment. Then we trotted an L similar to a regular halter class.

Open stance set up. YOu get to wear full English gear to show in this class! I haven't pulled that outfit out for a while!

Practicing the open stance set up in the warm-up pen. Exhibitors get to wear full English gear to show in this class! I haven’t pulled that outfit out for a while!

Then we returned to the waiting pen to…yep…wait for our turn to lunge.

We watched TV.

Video feed of the horse currently performing!

Then we went back to the arena in the “warm-up” circle while the competitor ahead of us worked.  We just walked around there.

It feels like the big time walking into a stadium like that! Fun! Scary!

It is thrill to walk into a stadium ready to show!

Then we moved down the arena to the “judging circle”.  AHH!

He was relaxed and moved well but did break out of the canter on the right earlier than I wanted…I took the trot.

One judge put him 10th out of 21.  That judge recognized his future brilliance!

For hunter in hand, the outfit of choice is black pants, black shoes you can run in (I wore paddock boots) and a long-sleeve shirt.  A few years ago it was khaki pants, but styles change.


In the warm-up pen.

In the warm-up pen. Those other two big horses to our left and right are also yearlings!

For the class, he set up in the open stance (it was great!), then we walked a triangle and trotted a triangle to show his English movement.  He still needs to grow into himself, but he behaved perfectly, so I was very proud of him!

Waiting for results!

Waiting for results.

Yay! We got a ribbon!

Here are some other highlights:

Shelley and I got a lot of free food!!! We didn't actually purchase any food for a few days!!

Shelley and I got a lot of free food!!! We didn’t actually purchase any food for a few days!!


I carved this pumpkin and won a prize!

I carved this pumpkin and won a prize! (A painted pony!)

Taking out the braids is no trivial task. Those things were in there to stay. (Shelley hired a braider to put them in.)

We ate at the Flying Fish on my last night there!

Thanks to LT and Andy and especially Shelley! That was a fun show.

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4 Responses to What in the World?

  1. EMoonTX says:

    Wow! LT is really tight on that cow–even in those smaller pictures I can tell she’s doing a super job. So sorry she had a strain. But glad she recovered so well. I wonder if the footing in the arena was a little too deep. Congratulations on that Reserve World Champion Jr. Working Cowhorse. You and LT are quite a team.

    • Patty says:

      Thanks! We had darn good position the whole cow run, which was cool! As usual, I got a little excited and dragged her through at least one turn when she didn’t need my “help”. Her stops still need improvement in stickier ground. This is her first working injury and she has worked on all kinds of ground, so who knows. Maybe she just stepped a little wrong. She has managed to impale herself on a stick one time and get tangled in a lead rope, both of which were pretty serious, but she recovered well for both, so I don’t think this will be any different. I may get her some red light therapy or something just because apparently I like to spend money on this horse!

  2. Doranna says:

    Whoop! Whoop! Exciting!

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