State Fair, 2015

By Patty Wilber

This year, we showed at the Appaloosa show at the State Fair.  Last year was Quarter Horse with ol’ Stetson, the year before I didn’t go at all, and before that, Buckskin.  Maybe next year it’ll be…well, guessing it’ll be Apps again!

The worst thing is that it is mid-week so I have to take time off work!

LT says: that is a lovely halter, andy! but i like it better when u don’t go anywhere without me!

Andy won stuff in every class he entered!  He was also the only entrant in two of them.  But hey, if you show up, you have a chance to win and Shelley (Andy’s mom), Andy and me were there!  He won high point Hunter in Hand for the whole show!  That prize was a really pretty English bridle (at least that is was was in the Appy display window!)  Cool!

He also won yearling lunge-line and he did really well considering he has only been lunging for about a week!  It did show, but we got him around at the walk, trot and lope, both directions!

Andy Lunging!

Andy Lunging!

He got a 3rd in most colorful, because that class is judged 60% color and 40% build, substance, manners and some other stuff.  He has THE BEST coat pattern. But not a mature build.  I still wanted him to win!

He is trotting away from the judges so they can judge his way of going.


Everyone lined up after the trot so judges could make their choices!


Andy says: we got here early, i won six ribbons ribbons, and now i am going to rest my lip on this garbage can while I take a nap! or we could go home now.

Andy says: we got here early, i won six ribbons ribbons, and now i am going to rest my lip on this garbage can while I take a nap! or we could go home now. Photo by Shelley.

LT stressed out in the stall in the morning every time we took Andy to a class.

Then she got her shot at ranch pleasure and reining, showing against …just herself.  There was a person that thought she might enter both, but she didn’t and too bad because she would have won reining.  I DQ’d! I ran a pretty nice pattern but it was not the correct pattern!  OOPS!

I don’t think LT was paying close enough attention while I was explaining the pattern! She went off course! Or maybe that was my fault? Photo by Shelley.

It was a fun day, and I even had some friends show up (Mary Ann and Siri) and they cheered for LT!!!  That was exciting! Our celebratory fried cheese curds were a little hard on my stomach!

Shelley, Andy, LT and me are off to the Appaloosa World’s at the end of October. Shelley got our stalls and tack room ordered, I got our hotel and regardless of our placings (but we are going for it), we are going to have a very fine time!!!



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2 Responses to State Fair, 2015

  1. EMoonTX says:

    Sounds like you had fun in spite of going off-course in one class. Andy *does* have a pretty coat pattern. But the babies grow at different rates & in different ways, so…too bad about judges not liking his build as much.

    • Patty says:

      We really did have fun and a lot was due to Shelley because she has fun and it’s contagious!

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